Indoor Positioning

DNA High Accuracy Positioning service lets you locate your company's devices and people in real time, automate processes, and collect valuable data to support your decision-making.

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DNA High Accuracy Positioning service enhances your company's operations by intelligently connecting devices, spaces, and people

High Accuracy Positioning (indoor positioning) tracks people and objects in real-time in large indoor spaces with event tracking with timestamps. The service increases operational efficiency, for example, by making locating the nearest devices and equipment quick and easy as well as offering almost limitless possibilities for production development. 

DNA High Accuracy Positioning offers nearly unlimited opportunities for innovations and increases efficiency in various industries, for example, manufacturing, the commercial sector and even the sports industry – only imagination is the limit. The service is highly scalable, suitable for demanding large-scale solutions containing thousands of devices and minor requirements.

The service is industry-independent and cloud-based and uses different tags to collect real-time location data of selected targets with timestamps. The solution is based on our partner Noccela's HPR-UWB (High-Performance Ranging Ultra-Wideband) location technology, which enables real-time and very accurate location of targets indoors. This level of accuracy is not possible with other existing technologies. UWB's data transfer operates on a wide frequency, and its signals can be transmitted over long distances without interference from other devices.

The service is suitable for light needs up to demanding solutions containing thousands of devices.

Solve valuable problems

Digitisation of objects, affairs, and people, solves problems in various industries and provides opportunity for cost-efficient innovations.

Streamline operations

You can give a digital identity to targets for tracking, with which you can improve your company's processes and use provided data in decision-making.

Increase safety

You increase your company's safety, for example, by tracking dangerous devices and locating your employees in real-time during evacuation.

High Accuracy Positioning use cases in industry

DNA High Accuracy Positioning in a nutshell 

  • You can use the produced data in decision-making as well as in the development of processes and operating models. With location information, you can design, for example, a warehouse or floor area to support production more efficiently.
  • You can see the utilisation rate of your company's equipment, for example, with the movement data of forklifts and automation of maintenance.
  • You manage and monitor all locable objects with the help of a convenient customer portal and a mobile application.
  • You have an API interface for your company's own systems, which opens numerous possibilities for digitising the physical dimension.
  • With an application-specific portal you can manage, for example, production materials and tools.
  • The size of the use site and the number of targets to be tracked can be anything.
  • Locating devices, objects, and personnel with an accuracy up to 10 cm.
  • There are different tag models for different purposes.

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