With DNA Domain, you can get unique addresses for your business website, email, and online store, making it easy for your customers to find your business and services.

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Register and order a unique domain for your company's online services

A domain name is one of the most essential services on the Internet. Every business needs its own unique domain name for its website, email, webshop, and campaigns.

You can get domestic and international domains through DNA with only one stop. You don't have to worry about maintaining your company's domains – we'll also renew your domains for you. You can also manage your domains' technical settings with our free self-service tool. You can check the availability of the domain you want using the search function on the order form below.

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) service provides additional security for domain services. DNSSEC protects Internet users by adding a digital signature to the domain's Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure the authenticity of the source domain. The service protects against forged data, such as malicious addresses.

You can easily get domains from DNA. We take care of transferring, registering, maintaining, and renewing your domain names. 

You can transfer managing your existing domain to us by contacting DNA's corporate customer service.

Business continuity

 Your business domains won't age when you outsource to us.

Brand visibility

You can strengthen your company's brand with a recognisable domain.


Consistent domains make it easy for your customers to find your business and services.

Find a new domain for your company

DNA Domain service

  • Registering your domains and taking steps to get them up and running so your business can be found online better.
  • You can also manage your own domains with DNA's free Domain Name Service Management tool.
  • You can increase security by enabling the DNSSEC add-on service.

DNA Domain Name Warehousing service

  • You can warehouse a domain name.
  • The domain will be registered without naming services and reserved, e.g., for future use or away from malevolent buyers.


What is a domain?

A domain, or domain name, is the address of a website, for example, a company website. For example, DNA's domain is

You can register a domain for your business, including an international extension such as .com and a domestic extension such as .fi through DNA. You can check the availability of your domain using the search function on the order form above.

Domains play an essential role in the visibility and branding of your business. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a memorable domain for your business.

When will the domain be registered for me?

Making an order through the order form does not automatically reserve a domain for you. Our corporate customer service will confirm after you place the order that the domain is reserved for you and ready for use. You can contact our corporate customer service if you need a domain fast.

How long will the domain be registered for me?

Registering a domain through DNA allows you to own it for as long as you want. We automatically renew your domain for a minimum of one year at a time. If you wish to delete your domain, you must do so in writing by contacting our corporate customer service.

What is the difference between a website and a domain?

A domain is the address name for your website, which is entered in the browser's address field (URL).

What should I do if the domain I want is taken?

If the search shows that the domain is taken, you can't register it. You can check the availability of a domain using the search function on the order form above.

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