Register a unique domain for your online services

With a domain service, you will receive individual addresses for your company’s websites, email, and webshop – and the customers will find you easily.

A domain is familiar as being the most important service of the internet. Every company needs their own individual domain for websites, email, webshops, and campaigns.

You will receive domains with domestic and international domain extensions through DNA – everything easily from one place. We will take care of your domain’s registering, validity and maintenance. Simultaneously you secure your business continuity by avoiding the risk of, e.g., domains from expiring. 


Accessibility with unified domains brings customers straight to you.



A flexible way to register the domains your company needs.

Business continuity

Ensure business continuity by outsourcing domain maintenance and management.

DNA Domain service

  • Registration of your domains and the required name services for domains that will help your company to be found on the web. 
  • All managing features and naming service information management.

DNA Domain Name Warehousing service

  • You can warehouse a domain name.
  • The domain will be registered without naming services and reserved, e.g., for future use or away from malevolent buyers.

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