Support and Maintenance

Carefree work with functioning devices

We want to ensure that you have functioning devices in your use, and you can continue your work even in a case of malfunction.

Problem with a device?

The most convenient way of finding information regarding using devices is on our guide page (currently only in Finnish) or from the manufacturer. If the device seems to be broken, the repair service will help you!

Need to make a repair order for DNA Device as a Service?

You can make a repair order for DNA Device as a Service by calling our corporate customer service, tel. 044 144 099, Mon–Fri 8 AM–4 PM.

Delivery to repair is always free of charge. We handle repair orders as warranty repairs by default. We will estimate the cost of the repair and send it to you before repairing the device in the case of charged repair.


The fastest and easiest way for DNA’s business customers is to use our remote repair service partners – the warranty, and other repair cases of your company devices will be processed easily through our partners.

Our authorised partners are in charge of our remote repair service, and the brand repairs provided by them will take care that the manufacturer warranties won’t expire. Unfortunately, our remote repair service can’t process possible extra warranty cases.

You can deliver your device for repair to DNA Kauppa also, where the brand repair of the devices is easy.  Find the nearest DNA Kauppa near you from here. DNA Kauppa can provide repair services for all the device brands listed below and more and possibly other extra warranty devices.

Repair orders are processed as warranty repair by default. If repair is non-warranty, the customer will receive an estimate of the costs. It is possible to purchase additional services from our remote repair service partners, e.g., exchange or backup device services, backup copy services, service care plans and company-specific tailored services.
Ask more about our sales service!

Tel. 0600 418 712 (1,82€/min/ starting minute + local network charge)

Aito Support
Tel. 03 0636 3840 Open on business days 9–17

Tel. 0600 0 1060 (1,49€ min + local network charge/mobile phone charge). Open on business days 8–17


Before bringing your device for repair

As a customer, you are responsible for having the needed backup of the programs, files and other saved information on the device you bring for repair, under warranty or non-warranty. You can purchase backup an additional service through our repair service partners.

If you bring a device to the DNA Kauppa, you need to have the summary or delivery confirmation of the device with you.

Warranty period

DNA’s business customer’s device warranty periodvaries between 3–6 months. You can check the warranty period of the device from the warranty, receipt or the manufacturer.

Service partners by brand

If your device’s brand is not on the list or you wish to use a possible extra warranty, you must deliver the device to any DNA Kauppa, and it will be forwarded to repair.