Online service for corporate customers

Online service enables independent management and monitoring of your company's services and subscriptions, as well as contacts between DNA and the customer.

Online services are implemented within the scope of DNA’s single sign-on (SSO) services.

In self-service you can:

  • See all the services that the company has acquired from DNA
  • Make changes to existing mobile network services
  • Obtain new products and services
  • View contract details
  • Keep track of orders and shipments
  • Manage multiple Business IDs with a single user ID
  • Create new self-service users and manage user rights


No account yet?

Company signatory may authorize designated individuals to deal with customer service and electronic channels.

  • DNA creates one or more root accounts for the customer (admin)
  • The admin user creates the other users of the service and defines the appropriate user rights for them. The admin user can create user groups for the company to help manage user
  • Electronic signature requires a Finnish SSN for authentication
  • Please note, that after signing the form will be sent to customer service for processing. You will receive a separate confirmation once the ID has been created. Processing time of the form is about a week.