Hesburger is the largest fast food chain in Finland. The origins of the company date back to a small grill kiosk established by Heikki Salmela in the 1960s. There are currently 279 Hesburger restaurants in Finland, and some have been opened in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The sales of the Finnish restaurants totalled nearly EUR 200 million in 2014, with 23 million transactions in the cash office.

Smooth payments are a strict requirement

DNA is one of Hesburger's partners. The company supplies Hesburger with extensive call, data and corporate network solutions. These include the data connections required for payment transactions, and the phone subscription and phones of all the restaurants and their employees. The operability of the connections is a critical factor for business operations and the customer experience. "Restaurant payment transactions are a key element from the customer viewpoint as well – the connections simply cannot break up or falter," says Santos. In order to guarantee undisturbed payment transactions, each restaurant has an automatic wireless 3G or 4G backup connection.

DNA has also supplied a WLAN network for customer use in some of the restaurants. "A free customer network is an important competitive edge and is in increasing use," says Santos. Through the DNA self-service channel Minun yritykseni ("My company"), customers can, for example, open and close subscriptions or change SIM cards in Hesburger restaurants.

Controlled cooperation

Regular discussions ensure smooth cooperation between DNA and Hesburger. "We get together with the DNA service manager to go through topical matters and requirements a few times a year and meet with our DNA contact person almost weekly. We develop our solution together with DNA. Their customer services have always provided quick help in everyday situations," says Heini Santos.