IoT Ecosystem

IoT solutions consist of many blocks and actors – being it hardware or software. The ecosystem approach seeks to combine these blocks and actors into a functional whole.

One of the challenges we face with IoT solutions is that both the technology and the actor base are fragmented.

To tackle this problem, DNA is building up a strategic partner network that will help to utilize the IoT ecosystem and make solutions more easily accessible to companies.

In DNA’s ecosystem, partners and technologies engage in close cooperation that guarantees efficient operating methods, high-quality packages, and technical compatibility.


Get started quickly with a new service model offered by Solita and DNA.

Finnish companies are now extremely interested in IoT implementations, but issues surrounding the choice of technologies, providers and platforms often prevent IoT projects from getting off the ground.

Tieto, together with DNA's connectivity services, provide a strong and comprehensive model.

Tieto and DNA are collaborating to provide companies with comprehensive IoT solutions all the way from end devices to smart data management and added value.


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