Mobile Broadband 5G XXL

A great internet connection for office and mobile work.

Maximum internet speed

150 Mbit/s

5G internet

Unlimited domestically

EU data package

37,3 GB/month

Mobile Broadband 5G XXL 150M

This subscription is suitable for both remote work and work on the road. You can use e-mail, download and send even large files quickly, and share the connection to another device without interruption.

Subscription information
  • 28,90 €/month (VAT 0%, opening fee 6,90 €/subscription)
  • Data: 150 Mbit/s
  • Data transfer: unlimited domestically
  • EU data package: 37,3 GB/month
  • Network: DNA 5G, DNA 4G LTE
International and travel

Thanks to the EU data package, the subscription can be used without worrying about data in EU and EEA countries, making it an excellent companion for occasional business travel. The data package is included in the monthly price.

The 37,3 GB EU data package allows you to use email, do online banking and surf the web within the limits of the data package at no extra charge. Data usage over the limit is charged at 1,80 €/GB.

Additional services
  • DNA Safe Browsing automatically blocks and filters the most common security threats from malicious sites, as well as harmful content (adult, violent and gambling content) if you choose to. You can also temporarily deactivate the service without disconnecting your service subscription.
  • DNA Business Reports give you a complete view of how your business uses DNA’s business subscriptions and services and what your bills and costs are consisted of. You can use the data provided by the reports to support your decision-making and help you optimise the use of your services in the most efficient ways.
Upgrade your device to the 5G era

5G subscriptions also require a 5G terminal to work. Ask our Sales Service for more information about our devices and Device as a Service devices, or check out our selection of devices and services in YritysDNA self-service!

You will connect to DNA's fast 4G network when you arrive outside the 5G area. DNA's 5G network already covers 77 % of the Finnish population, and the 4G network covers 99 %.

28,90 €/month

  • Non-fixed term contract
  • Opening fee 6,90 €
  • VAT 0 %

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DNA Mobile Broadband 4G XXL

  • Maximum internet speed 150 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited
  • EU Data 32,1 Gt/mo

24,90 €/month


DNA Mobile Broadband 5G XXL+

  • Maximum internet speed 300 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited
  • EU Data 38,6 Gt/mo

29,90 €/month/ 12 months

The offer is valid until 31 July 2024


DNA Mobile Broadband EU 5G 600M

  • Maximum internet speed 600 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited in the Nordics and the Baltics
  • EU Data 46,3 Gt/mo

35,90 €/month

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