IoT Connect

IoT Connect

Open your door to the world of IoT

With DNA’s IoT Connect subscriptions and Control Center management portal you can manage your IoT devices easily and efficiently. To get started, you can easily explore the possibilities of IoT with DNA IoT Starter Kit. IoT Connect is a part of the Telenor IoT portfolio that further extends DNA IoT Connect offering.

IoT Connect subscriptions are designed for data transfer between sensors, devices and systems in mobile network. DNA’s IoT subscriptions also work in NB-IoT and LTE-M devices. With DNA IoT Connect subscriptions, you also get access to the market leading platform that allows managing subscriptions’ lifecycle and optimizing connectivity costs. DNA Control Center provides a comprehensive view of all your IoT subscriptions, their data usage and associated services.

Select the best service  for your needs out of our three alternatives. All accommodate massive to critical low latency IoT applications across various verticals and use cases and can be extended with additional capabilities over time as needs evolve.

"DNA Control Center portal makes IoT subscription management and monitoring fast and simple.”

- Antti Salakka, CEO at Verto

Choose the best alternative for your needs


Cost efficient solution for simple use cases with predictable data amounts. Serves well basic connectivity management needs allowing businesses to connect, operate and monitor their connected devices.


Serves more complex use cases with massive and varying data amounts providing support for more extensive subscription and cost management, automation, monitoring and external integration. Advantage supports also international roaming.


For large and complex IoT solutions. Customised access to 500+ networks across the world with only one point of contact. This is for global enterprises needing a proactive partner who can provide support and scalability to millions of devices anywhere in the world, throughout the connected solution’s life cycle.

Order DNA IoT Starter Kit and test connections!

Begin your IoT journey today by ordering an IoT Starter Kit which includes everything you need to connect and manage your devices on the DNA network. You can test 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M connections with DNA IoT Starter Kit. The test period lasts two months. Need trial coverage outside of Europe, please contact

DNA IoT Starter Kit includes:


  • 5 DNA M2M SIM cards
  • 20 MB per month / SIM card
  • 20 SMS Messages per SIM per month

Real-time Testing Tools

  • Test-as-you-build for fast, quality development
  • Visibility into device and network behaviour
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting help

Full Access to DNA Control Center

  • Complete suite of developer tools
  • User logins for everyone in your team
  • Same environment for testing and deployment

Excellent Developer Support

  • Developer guidelines
  • Access to APIs

Order now!


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IoT Connect (Enterprise solution)

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DNA Control Center

With DNA IoT Connect subscriptions, you also get access to the DNA Control Center – a management portal that enables you to view all of your IoT subscriptions and their associated services. Via this user interface, you can for instance manage your subscriptions, supervise their use, and order new subscriptions.

DNA Control Center consists of the following components:

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With Location Based Services you can locate devices or sensorts, keep control of your company's assets and use location information to grow your business.

Use the location information for your company’s benefit

DNA Location Based Services enable locating devices and sensors, thus helping you to control your company’s assets and use location information to benefit your business.

  • Location service is an add-on feature that can be activated to be part of the DNA Control Center environment.
  • Locating is based on mobile network positioning technology. This means that the device doesn’t require a GPS receiver.
  • Location information will be presented in coordinates, on a map, or transmitted over the API.
  • It works on all IoT/M2M subscriptions.

Customer-specific APN enables safe data traffic from IoT devices using mobile subscriptions to  the company network, without the need for VPN.

Private networks are company specific mobile networks, that ensure dedicated connectivity, low latency and high reliability. For performance critical IoT solutions, private network could be the right solution.

Cloud Connect: Many of the Internet of Things applications rely on cloud services, to which you can ensure best connectivity with Cloud Connect services. 

Firewall: IoT solutions should always be isolated from office network and other networks to their own partition by using a firewall. This ensure secure and reliable data connections.

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Some of our IoT references

Image: IGL-Technologies
5/2021 DNA Yrityksille

"With DNA, we are able to improve the reliability of our service"

IGL-Technologies offers parking management solutions.
We’ve been really satisfied with the service and technical support we’ve received from DNA.
10/2020 DNA Yrityksille

IoT catapults reindeer herders` work into the 2020s

We’ve been really satisfied with the service and technical support we’ve received from DNA.
The company relies on its dispatch system.
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The company relies on its dispatch system.
HSL organises about a million trips a day.
4/2018 DNA Yrityksille

Helsinki Region Transport HSL organises a million trips a day 

The operation is controlled by a real-time information system.