The Year of Technology 2024 – Optimism Leading Innovation

The lucky number for a brave new tomorrow is 14 – which is how many emerging technology trends are displayed in DNA's Technology Trends Report for 2024! Read on with a keen eye, as many of these trends are destined to leave their mark on history.

Technology Trends 2024

Undoubtedly the biggest upheaval of the technology landscape has been the lightning-fast rise of artificial intelligence to prominence in all areas. Additionally, technological progress can positively impact climate change in many ways, but simultaneously, pressing questions regarding digital sustainability and reducing our digital load persist.

To illustrate this point, the DNA Technology Trends 2024 report offers the option to choose between two versions this year: the full version and the reduced carbon footprint version.

Additionally, the development of digital tools has accelerated rapidly alongside the progress of quantum and artificial intelligence technologies. However, as digital frameworks around us evolve, security issues affecting businesses and individuals must also be re-evaluated.

What other revolutions will we experience in the year 2024?


Technology envelops the world with an ever-tightening grasp

Microelectronic devices the size of dust particles, mini-sensors eliminating food waste, more efficient computing capacity through fog computing... the year 2024 promises revolutions and innovations in the technology sector.

Images in the report were generated using the AI Midjourney.

The future of cybersecurity is an unpredictable roller coaster

New EU directives mitigate cyberattacks, artificial intelligence is predicted to become the new accomplice of cybercriminals, and clandestine usage of quantum computing is a concern – modern cybersecurity must evolve rapidly and flexibly.

Images in the report were generated using the AI Midjourney.

Sustainable development requires stability and vision

Electric planes are predicted to be the short-range transport of tomorrow, biotechnology is increasingly used in device manufacturing, and emission-free fusion energy is a step closer to reality. Will technology save the world?

Images in the report were generated using the AI Midjourney.

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Experts interviewed for the report

Anna-Mari Ylihurula

SVP, Corporate Business, DNA

”Every manager should be interested in the changes in their business environment and the possibilities of technology.”

Juha Vartiainen

Co-founder and Global Affairs Officer at IQM

”While quantum computers don't yet pose an imminent threat to cybersecurity, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve by examining the resilience of current encryption protocols.”

Katri Saarikivi

Brain researcher

”Our relationship with technology is optimal when it helps our species survive, solve problems, and improve.”

Tuomas Tala

Leading researcher and research professor of fusion technology at VTT

”The juxtaposition between fusion energy and fission energy is completely pointless. It is obvious that if the choice could be made, everyone would choose fusion.”