Customer-specific APN

DNA Customer-specific APN enables creating a closed mobile network, that can be connected cost-efficiently and data securely to, e.g., the internal company network or cloud connect service. In addition, the service can be utilised as a platform for M2M service.

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Connect your mobile users easily to one network or connect your company to the internal network

The customer-specific APN opens a differentiated and secure connection straight between the mobile devices and corporate network in your company’s use. The mobile employees can work efficiently with the service since the internal company network’s services, such as the intranet, CRM, ERP systems, etc. are also available outside the office without a separate VPN software. The devices using the mobile network, e.g., security cameras and measuring devices, can easily be separated as their own closed network or connected to your company’s network securely.

With the customer-specific APN, the mobile subscriptions will form their own closed mobile network, and the mobile data traffic can be routed, e.g., to other services of DNA’s fixed network, without routing the traffic through the public internet. All communications between mobile phone network base station and mobile device are encrypted. The connection will form automatically from the user’s view. The traffic possibilities of subscriptions can be managed in various ways, e.g., a company can determine where it allows the subscriptions to traffic with a firewall.

Straightforward access for users’ mobile devices to the corporate network

Secure and reliable connections without trouble

Easily manageable costs

DNA Customer-specific APN – how it scales according to your needs:

  • For a company, the customer-specific APN is a service with which the company’s DNA mobile subscription’s data traffic is routed data securely to the corporate network.
  • The subscription identification opening the connection is automated either with DNA’s mobile network’s order register or, if wanted, thesubscription identification is performed by the company’s own user authenticator.
  • Fixed monthly pricing.
  • The service works with DNA’s mobile phone subscriptions in Finland and abroad (abroad usage will be separately billed).
  • Service is brought into use without investments in devices or software.
  • Fixed IP addresses for endpoint devices can be determined as an additional service.

What is an APN service?

  • APN (Access Point Name) is a company-specific solution created by an operator
  • Enables company internal network’s service usage with mobile endpoint device strictly and data securely without a need for a separate VPN software.
  • The service recognises the subscriptions defined by the company automatically out of the operator’s subscriber register or, if wanted, by using the company’s own user authenticator.
  • All communication between the mobile network base station and mobile device is encrypted.
  • In addition, you can connect a mobile network using security camera or measuring device to the corporate network with the service.

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