DNA Connectivity IoT

IoT/M2M subscriptions and DNA Control Center access in DNA's nationwide mobile network

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things means physical devices that can sense their environment and then communicate or act intelligently based on their perceptions, thereby enabling us to predict and automate certain operations. This requires sensors, software and a data connection.

The IoT offers myriad opportunities to generate added-value through improved service quality, lower costs and increased business.

The opportunities of IoT

DNA Connectivity IoT subscriptions are intended for corporate data transfer between sensors, devices and systems when mobile data transfer is required. We provide this service in 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Subscriptions can be easily and comprehensively managed via the DNA Control Center (a user interface provided by Cisco Jasper).

IoT subscriptions use DNA’s nationwide mobile network. Mobile subscriptions are particularly suitable for connecting IoT devices located over a wide area – from large properties or factory buildings to cities – or where devices are in mobile use. IoT subscriptions make use of the mobile network’s advanced information security features. The mobile network combines the reliability and continuity of an established technology with predictable development according to mobile technology standards.

SIM cards with various physical characteristics are available to suit the different user cases and devices. Subscriptions can be integrated into secure company-specific APN solutions, and an international roaming feature can also be added if you want to use the connections outside Finland.

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 DNA Control Center

With DNA Connectivity IoT, you also get access to the DNA Control Center – a user interface that enables you to view all of your IoT subscriptions and their associated services. Via this user interface, you can for instance manage your subscriptions, supervise their use, and order new subscriptions.

DNA Control Center is integrated to the most common IoT cloud platforms.

Thanks to a predefined E2E API integration you can easily and quickly verify the compatibility of your IoT solution and further refine the integration as you wish.

Cloud platform integration:

  • Devices
  • SIM-status
  • Data and its visualisation
  • Connection monitoring

We offer the API-integration possibility for free. Instructions and source code are found from DNA Connectivity IoT GitHub account. The MIT license terms are applied to integration and by taking the source code wholly or partly into use, the Customer accepts the licence terms.

DNA's M2M IoT Network

DNA Connectivity IoT operates in nationwide 2G, 3G and 4G networks, according to your requirements.

In recent years, DNA has made major investments in the coverage and capacity of its mobile network.

5G will further improve the coverage of IoT services and enable new use cases.

DNA’s nationwide 4G network has full NB-IoT and LTE-M readiness.

If you are interested in these technologies, either to test or to use in your IoT solution, please contact iotconnectivity@dna.fi.

We provide new DNA Connectivity IoT customers the possibility to try out the service.

Do you have questions about our IoT services? Contact iotconnectivity@dna.fi


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