DNA Business Unlimited 5G 600M

Ultra-fast subscription for critical connection needs.

Calls and SMS

Unlimited calls, 1000 SMS

EU data package

48,9 GB/month

Unlimited 5G internet

Unlimited in the Nordics and the Baltics

Maximum internet speed

600 Mbit/s

DNA Business Unlimited 5G 600M

This plan is ideal for active users who need a high-speed and efficient data connection for work. You can watch UltraHD videos, participate in online meetings, upload and send large files, and easily share your phone's internet connection with another device. The top speed is perfect for your delay-critical connection needs. You can add a wide range of additional services to your mobile subscription and connect it to your company’s other DNA Business services.

Subscription information
  • 37,90 €/month (VAT 0%, connection fee 6,90 €/subscription).
  • Data 600 Mbit/s, unlimited use in Finland, the Nordics and Baltics
  • EU data usage included in the subscription 48,9 GB/month
  • Unlimited talk includes normal domestic calls and per-minute internal calls per billing period
  • 1000 text messages at normal domestic prices
  • WiFi calls extend the coverage of the mobile network for phone calls
International and Travel

The Nordics and Baltics

The subscription can be used at domestic rates in the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Internet is unlimited, calls are included in the domestic unlimited calls, and text messages are deducted from the domestic package without any additional charges.

EU and EEA

The 48,9 GB EU data package gives you peace of mind when using your subscription within the EU and EEA countries, making it an excellent work companion for more regular travel. With a fast data connection, you can download larger files and surf the web longer. Data usage above the package’s limit will be charged at 1,80 €/GB.

Within the EU and EEA, all calls are included in the domestic unlimited voice, and the SMS messages are deducted from the domestic SMS package, so they are not charged separately when travelling intermittently.

Outside the EU

When travelling outside the EU, you can order the handy DNA Travel Data data package service, which allows you to avoid unexpected roaming charges and use the internet with peace of mind. You can order DNA Travel Data via text message to your mobile phone in the destination country.

In addition, you can make and receive WiFi calls outside the EU and EEA countries. In these cases, calls are always billed as made from Finland to abroad. This way, you can enjoy more affordable rates without worrying about expensive roaming charges.

Please note that all calls made from Finland to abroad, including WiFi calls, are subject to the DNA International Call Tariff. Read more about using your subscription abroad and see the price lists here.

Additional services

A wide range of additional services are available for DNA's business mobile phone subscriptions:

  • DNA Multi-SIM services allow your business subscriptions to work on multiple devices at the same time, e.g., two different phones or a phone and a smartwatch.
  • DNA Safe Browsing automatically blocks and filters the most common security threats from malicious sites, as well as harmful content (adult, violent and gambling content) if you choose to. You can also temporarily deactivate the service without disconnecting your service subscription.
  • DNA Travel Data is an additional service you can order via text message while travelling outside the EU. The service makes internet access significantly cheaper than roaming charges in your destination country.
  • Mobile ID is a digital and secure way to use your mobile phone to identify yourself in online services. It allows you to verify your identity and sign documents electronically. Mobile ID can be used free of charge in business subscriptions.

We also offer a wide range of additional solutions to help you get the most out of your business connection, such as:

  • DNA Business Reports give you a complete view of how your business uses DNA’s business subscriptions and services and what your bills and costs are consisted of. You can use the data provided by the reports to support your decision-making and help you optimise the use of your services in the most efficient ways.
  • DNA Virtual PBX increases customer satisfaction when your customers can reach your employees better. The service automatically routes incoming calls to free employees or adds them to a queue.
Upgrade your device to the 5G era

Access to the speed of 5G requires a 5G device. Ask our Sales Service for more information about our devices and Device as a Service devices, or check out our selection of devices and services in YritysDNA self-service!

You will connect to DNA's fast 4G network when you arrive outside the 5G area. DNA's 5G network already covers 77 % of the Finnish population, and the 4G network covers 99 %.

37,90 €/month

  • Non-fixed term contract
  • Opening fee 6,90 €
  • VAT 0 %

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DNA Business Unlimited 5G 100M

  • Maximum internet speed 100 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited in the Nordics and the Baltics
  • Calls and SMS Unlimited calls, 100 SMS
  • EU data 36,0 Gt/month

27,90 €/month


DNA Business Unlimited 5G 300M

  • Maximum internet speed 300 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited in the Nordics and the Baltics
  • Calls and SMS Unlimited calls, 1000 SMS
  • EU data 39,9 Gt/month

30,90 €/month


DNA Business Unlimited 5G 1000M

  • Maximum internet speed 1000 Mbit/s
  • Internet Unlimited in the Nordics and the Baltics
  • Calls and SMS Unlimited calls, 1000 SMS
  • EU data 55,4 Gt/month

42,90 €/month

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DNA roaming conditions

DNA's subscription products are not intended for permanent internet roaming. In terms of permanent roaming, all roaming services are billed with an EU surcharge in addition to the domestic price. The customer's travel and stay abroad is considered temporary when the traffic volume or residence condition is fulfilled.

Traffic volume condition: The total amount of data transfer, call minutes played, and SMS/MMS messages sent in the home country is greater than in the EU/EEA area during the last 120 days.

Condition of residence: During the last 120 days, the customer has stayed more in the home country than in the EU/EEA area. A stay in a non-EU/EEA country is also counted as a stay in the home country.

If the traffic volume condition (1) and the residence condition (2) are not met, the customer will receive an automatic message that the intermittent internet roaming has been exceeded. After the message, DNA charges an EU surcharge for all roaming services used in the EU/EEA area. Charged EU surcharges will be refunded if the customer proves they use mobile communication services mainly in their home country during the next 14 days. The collection of EU surcharges is stopped when the use of mobile communication services meets conditions (1) or (2).