Secure SD-WAN

DNA Secure SD-WAN is a modern and efficient solution when your company’s business sets higher demands for networks and data security.

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Make your networks flexible and a safe entirety

With the service, you will centralise all office networks as one flexible and cloud-managed entirety. A built-in, next-generation firewall ensures highly data secure connections.

SD-WAN -based corporate network is easily adaptable and scales along changing business needs. Cloud-based management provides a precise view of data traffic that can even be managed application-specifically.

Managing complex networks becomes significantly more straightforward when you can manage them from one centralised view. Through it, e.g., making changes to a single office location or office groups can be done all at once. Creating new locations is fast with appropriate data traffic and security settings. SD-WAN is not only a regional solution. The office location founding costs will stay in the same ballpark figure, regardless of the location, whether it is in Turku, Stockholm or Tokyo.

Secure and efficient access to cloud and internet services from anywhere

Simplifying complex network implementations cost-efficiently

Meets the most demanding requirements of quality connections and data security

Centralised management and automation of new office locations

Quality built-in data security solution

DNA’s SD-WAN service sets itself apart from regular SD-WAN solutions with a built-in new generation firewall. Therefore, you will receive very data secure and fault-tolerant connections, flexible to your company’s changing needs. A local and very able firewall securely enables direct connections to internet services, significantly decreasing the connection’s latency to cloud services, especially in global implementations.

The benefits of Secure SD-WAN service are the highest when: 

  • Your company has multiple office locations, especially in various countries
  • Locations have multiple WANs in use
  • Your company uses cloud services, or the services will be transferred to the cloud
  • You want to utilise your office location’s local internet connection to use cloud services. At the same time, you need cost-efficient routing of corporate network traffic and want to prioritise business-critical applications

What is Secure SD-WAN?

  • SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) means software-based network management. Various separate physical networks change through it into virtual form, and then they can be managed more efficiently and centrally.
  • With the service, it is possible to utilise the office location’s internet connection for the internal company network’s connections as well as use cloud services and the internet.
  • It is possible to connect Secure SD-WAN to fixed and wireless LAN services, and then you will be able to control the solution centrally with a unified data security policy.
  • Switches and WLAN base stations integrate seamlessly to the office location’s Secure SD-WAN endpoint device.

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