Remote Access VPN

DNA Secure Client opens a data secure remote access VPN to your internal company network services and data for your personnel and partners. 

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Provide secure remote access regardless of location

DNA Secure Client provides your employees and partners a secure VPN remote connection to your company's internal network services and data. The service also allows you to define many user groups and choose what access control practices are appropriate for each group. DNA Secure Client is available as part of both the DNA Secure Site and DNA Secure Gateway services.

  • Easy-to-use service ensures smooth work regardless of location
  • Easily scaled along of the changing amounts of remote users: the amount of simultaneously connected users can be increased, e.g., to a tenfold
  • Protects end devices against vulnerabilities, viruses, and malware.
  • Does not require own software investments or maintaining knowledge
  • Authenticated and adaptable implementation according to your company’s needs
  • Unlimited access to your company’s resources for your personnel.
  • Limited access to selected resources for your partners or customers
  • The service supports multiple different ways of remote access and all endpoint devices.
  • Multiple ways of simultaneous authentication
  • You can offer multiple signing in sites in the environment of many customers

Easy and data secure remote work

Avoid extra investments of devices, software, and know-how

Protect your internal company network services and data

What is VPN?

  • VPN is short for Virtual Private Network
  • VPN opens a protected remote access to the company’s network and internal company network, which means that seemingly private connection is created between networks
  • The service is a data secure way to connect two or more private networks, even when data traffic must use the public network
  • VPN protects data traffic with end-to-end reaching strong encryption, which means that the traffic cannot be intercepted
  • VPN also protects the remote workstation’s internal company network's data traffic
  • The service hides remote workstation or mobile phone IP address
  • VPN provides strong protection for public network or remote workstation’s local network against cyber threats
  • Encryption is possible to implement with physical VPN device or software-based
  • VPN can be automated as default in remote workstations

See Also

With Internet or Mobile broadband services, the remote connection enables your internal company network services regardless of location.

An SD-WAN based Corporate Network as a service seamlessly integrates with VPN remote access to form a coherent pair.

Strong Authentication strengthens your security with two-factor authentication.

Secure your business

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