DNA Corporate Network

DNA Corporate Network connects all offices into one closed and data secure corporate network so that all office locations can use the network’s services. You can even connect all your office locations in the Nordics with the Nordic Connect service.

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Connect your multiple offices securely

DNA Corporate Network creates high-quality data connections between offices with MPLS technology. The MPLS solution is the most cost-efficient way of implementing a corporate network for a company operating in Finland. Available are not only fixed fiber and copper connections, but also the rapidly expanding 5G mobile network and 4G network.

Alternatively, the corporate network can be implemented with the DNA Secure SD-WAN solution. The network implementation is often a hybrid solution combining both of these technologies, and neither is dependent on the other.

You will ensure reliable and data secure office connections

You will guarantee smooth work with high-capacity connections

You will receive flexibility for your company’s needs

With the Nordic Connect service, you connect Nordic offices

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Nordic Connect connects your office locations in the Nordics with one solution. It is a connecting service for Local Area Networks of the offices (IP VPN). You can build a unified and data secure internal company network with the service in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and other countries if needed.

  • Data secure and closed network.
  • Simple topology, lower latencies.
  • Local mobile subscriptions in wireless implementation options.
  • A single point of contact (SPOC) covering the Nordics, and local support by country.
  • The service is implemented together with DNA’s new owner, Telenor. Telenor is a leading telecom operative in the Nordics and the growing markets of Asia, serving over 183 million customers.

Fixed 5G provides fibre-like speed to a larger amount of users

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5G offers fast and low latency connections to many locations where fibre is unavailable. Fixed 5G (Fixed Wireless Access, FWA) provides fibre-like speed and guaranteed minimum capacity. It is suitable as the primary connection or a backup connection to connect the office to the corporate network or internet. In addition, the service can be installed at temporary locations fast and flexibly without digging fibre.

(See 5G availability here)

Installing a fixed outdoor unit provides good quality 5G signal via cable to the building, where it’s distributed to users through a LAN/WAN router.

What is a corporate network?

  • A telecommunication's connection that connects all office locations into a seamless Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • An operator implements it.
  • Subscription can be implemented with office location’s fixed fibre and copper connections and DNA’s high coverage 5G/4G mobile networks.
  • The most typical implementation technique is the steady and measured MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching).
  • The corporate network can also be implemented as an SD-WAN concept.
  • The performance depends on the connection technology of the location.
  • The highest speed with a fibre subscription can be 10 Gbit/s.

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Firewall enables network segmenting (dividing network to smaller sections) that increases data security. It also secures the servers, databases, applications, and workstations efficiently from the web’s threats, providing the means to monitor and manage the network content and capacity.

DNA Local Area Network (the internal connections in the office) forms your corporate network’s local backbone to which each user in every office location can connect securely.

Internet connections together with the corporate network enable using the internal company network and public cloud services efficiently in the hybrid network

DNA’s data centres in Finland and DNA Cloud Connect to public cloud services connect the central services of your business to the corporate network.

Access management and remote connection services limit the appropriate access to the internal company network and its services for various user groups.

Company-specific mobile data network connects mobile users to your internal company network.

Ensure functioning data connections

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