Strong Authentication

Sign-in information in the wrong hands is far too common and poses a serious data security risk, especially in remote connections. Your company can protect itself against data system break-ins with DNA’s strong authentication service.

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Identify remote users reliably

If your company’s data systems are accessible only with a username and password, an intruder only needs to steal this information to access your company’s data. Sign-in information becomes useless when your company starts using strong, two-factor authentication.

DNA Strong Authentication service decreases data security risks of remote connections immediately. The service always requires the user to authenticate with two separate factors.

When a user attempts to sign in to a data system, the service verifies the username and password from the company’s user database. After this, the user must type a one-time passcode that the user will receive to their mobile phone automatically.

Decreases the threat of data system break-in immediately

Ensures authentication of appropriate users

Smooth and easy method for users

The service functions securely in DNA’s equipment facility

What is DNA Strong Authentication?

  •  The service adds two-factor authentication to remote connections.
  • Signing in always requires a one-time passcode from the user.
  • The service is easy and fast to use for users.
  • The service functions securely in DNA’s equipment facility.
  • The service can be connected to DNA Secure Access remote connection or the customer’s current remote connection.

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