ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access

Businesses must provide a suitable environment for remote working, regardless of location – Zero Trust Network Access enables secure access to appropriate applications for employees as well as devices.

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DNA ZTNA is a solution for the new age of secure hybrid and remote work

DNA’s ZTNA additional services provide scalable security solutions that enable straightforward and carefree hybrid working and are easy to deploy. For example, it is possible to determine each user and device appropriate access permissions to the corporate applications according to their role and work assignments. With DNA ZTNA, your company also protects its data from within, making it more difficult for cybercriminals to break into your company’s data in the cloud and data centres.

Modern work life continues spreading outside of the offices, and cloud services are a crucial part of executing remote and hybrid work successfully. This situation creates new forms of responsibilities and demands on companies and organisations as employers. These new requirements present new challenges, e.g., providing unified company devices for the employees and the means to work securely is mandatory. The network solutions that utilise Zero Trust architecture strive to protect from data breaches and attacks but also serve companies’ needs and situations–even where change is a constant.

Reduce unauthorised access

ZTNA enables a secure remote connection and decreases the risk of data breaches.

Offer better user experience

The service is scalable according to the future requirements of hybrid work and is easy to use.

Prevent possible harm

Access is unified across devices and users, protecting your company’s data.

What do ZTNA, ZTA, and Zero Trust mean?

ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) is the Zero Trust philosophy realised: ZTNA manages user access to all company applications regardless of location and whether the user is connected to the company’s own network or working from their home office. ZTNA doesn’t trust any user or device automatically, and it provides a better and even more secure user experience to modern and complex network solutions.

ZTA (Zero Trust Access) means knowing and managing who or what is in the company’s network and where they have access. For example, the user’s role or the purpose of the IoT device determines appropriate permissions to the network. In all simplicity, ZTA is access permission management without trust.

Zero Trust is an application development philosophy used to build a more secure network environment. The Zero Trust idea is based on trustless security: never trust anything, always verify. Traditionally the users and devices in the internal company network have been trusted. For instance, VPN functions this way. Zero Trust challenges this paradigm and aims to change how we view data security. It asks how we can ensure that appropriate users and devices can securely access the company data. Zero Trust recognises that threats can lie within the company along with the threats of the external network.

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