5/2023 DNA Yrityksille

DNA receives Fortinet's MSSP Partner of the Year Award

DNA received Fortinet's MSSP Partner of the Year Award to recognize exceptional cybersecurity sales and achievements in customer experience, collaboration, and marketing.
3/2023 DNA Yrityksille

DNA and Noccela are building next generation IoT for Finnish businesses

Sometimes even a ten-centimetre movement matters.
3/2023 DNA Yrityksille

5G laying the foundation for automatization and digitalization

According to Roger Johanssen 5G is aims to be a multi-purpose connectivity platform that can be tailored to multiple use cases and customers.
1/2023 DNA Yrityksille

Happier, healthier, more productive – Is a four-day week the solution for burnout-infested workplaces?

The Great Resignation, employee shortages, talent retention, burn-out – these are the signs of times in many Western economies.
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

DNA presents the technology trends of 2023 – what can we expect for the coming year?

DNA presents the technology trends of 2023 – what can we expect for the coming year? 
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

Traditional industries could take a page from the book of software businesses – the anatomy of a winning business model

"To succeed, companies must have their stuff together," says Markko Vaarnas.
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

AI: friend or foe? – Expert busts five myths about AI

What does the technology year of 2023 look like?
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

Food is a source of passion – and new innovations

With the umami we produce, the rich taste of vegetarian dishes and the ease of familiar food products can be combined in the kitchen.
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

Could the answer to the energy crisis be found in education – digital solutions and data provide helpful new insight

The energy crisis is forcing all companies to optimize their energy usage – and the same applies to consumers.
12/2022 DNA Yrityksille

ZTNA: Safety, support, and security – anywhere, anytime

Fortinet creates ground-breaking architecture and DNA maintains close dialogue and collaboration with customers.
10/2022 DNA Yrityksille

Here comes the brand new and improved WiFi - don't leave your employees empty-handed

What do we need to know about WiFi6E?
10/2022 DNA Yrityksille

DNA and Edzcom partner up to build private mobile networks for enterprise customers

Private mobile networks are built in very different environments hence they are always tailored for each client.
7/2022 DNA Yrityksille

 At the cusp of a great transformation

Sandberg is proud of the international reach of DNA and Telenor.
6/2022 DNA Yrityksille

From the mouth of an angel investor: tools for business growth and how to fund it

Would you like bunch of tips for growing your business?
5/2022 DNA Yrityksille

A private network shortens the journey of a bit – and thus reduces the delay

The public mobile network is prone to latency and capacity fluctuations.
The daily life of IT maintenance of the City of Espoo has become considerably easier.
3/2022 DNA Yrityksille

What makes a good modern LAN? – In Espoo, an upgrade made the daily life of IT maintenance easier

The City of Espoo has for a long time used the DNA LAN.
1/2022 DNA Yrityksille

The pandemic accelerated health care digitalisation – development continues in 2022

The pandemic sparked the development of a number of new technologies.
1/2022 DNA Yrityksille

A tighter hold on personal data ensures more secure AI

Using AI image recognition, service providers like Facebook can identify various social networks with a high degree of accuracy.
1/2022 DNA Yrityksille

Destaclean helps companies move forward on the road to a more sustainable future

Destaclean offers a comprehensive waste management service.
1/2022 DNA Yrityksille

CEO looks to the future – what to build tomorrow’s growth on and what trends to pay attention to?

DNA is publishing its fifth annual list of technology trends.
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