"One of the most important features of a software-controlled network is strong cybersecurity," says Anna-Mari Ylihurula, director of DNA's corporate business. 

Executive, don't strain your company's networks – old-fashioned network infrastructure slows down operations and increases risks

Modern society and companies require a stable and secure digital foundation. In other words, they need networks that work everywhere and all the time. Anna-Mari Ylihurula, director of DNA's corporate business, explains how technology leaps and new ways of working affect the applications companies use. What kind of solutions does cloudification require? 

More and more companies operate largely in the cloud: digital assets from files to software live in distributed systems and data networks around the world. This evolution is called cloudification or cloud transformation. The aim is often to increase business efficiency, flexibility, and operational reliability. 

If something can be implemented as software, it will be done.

"Physical IT is turning piece by piece into software. Today, almost any physical solution can be implemented and automated programmatically, be it a data network, a storage system, or a data center. If something can be implemented as software, it is often done," explains Anna-Mari Ylihurula, SVP, Corporate Business at DNA. 

A new umbrella concept, SDx, or "software-controlled anything," has emerged for managing online environments. SDx brings a new layer to IT solutions that increases transparency, flexibility, speed, and data security for the most diverse range of users, needs, and devices. 

Software-controlled networks enable a device-independent user account-based approach for a company operating in the cloud, its own private data-secure network defined instantly. At the same time, they ensure that data communication and security develop at the speed required by the cloud, making appropriate use of the cloud's integrated data security. 

"Before SDx solutions, different services in the network were transported through centralized service points with the help of fixed connections. Now, in software-controlled networks, it is possible to prioritize traffic, for example, so that certain applications or services can be given the fast lane. In this way, their operational reliability can be guaranteed in all situations", Ylihurula describes. 

When the ways of doing work change, the solutions must follow 

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is one example of a software-controlled network solution. With it, several separate physical networks, such as different company offices, are brought together virtually. SD-WAN increases the security of the information network and significantly facilitates its management and flexible use. For example, fixed or wireless LAN services can also be connected to DNA's Secure SD-WAN solution, in which case the entire system is managed centrally with a unified information security policy. 

"One of the most important features of a software-controlled network is strong cybersecurity. When work is done more diversely in the era of remote and hybrid work, or in a globally operating company, the built-in next-generation firewall guarantees highly secure connections," says Ylihurula. 

The software-controlled network is easily adjustable and scalable as business needs change. Cloud-based management gives precise visibility into the company's application-level data traffic and security. 

DNA shows the way in the development of networks 

"Unlike in the past, companies want a single partner that manages, monitors, and supports network solutions in all situations. When all services and solutions come from one supplier, their compatibility and integration become easier, reducing risks," says Ylihurula. At the same time, this ensures that the solution meets the customer's overall needs. 

According to Ylihurula, operators must be trendsetters in network security. As one of the world's largest operators operating in all Nordic countries, Telenor has the know-how and the resources to ensure that the digital foundation is in order. DNA has been part of Telenor since 2019. 

The greatest potential can be found in increasing automation and artificial intelligence use.

"We have to anticipate the future and scale services using modern technology – and DNA and Telenor are committed to that. The greatest potential can be found in increasing automation and artificial intelligence. Automation improves the efficiency of operations and reduces the risk of human errors. Artificial intelligence, conversely, helps anticipate and correct problems and manage resources," Ylihurula sums up. 

Digital platforms, data security, and networks are cloud-controlled when a business is cloud-centric. Cloud-based technology helps ensure the efficient, secure, and fast use of digital resources in all situations. It is the responsibility of company management to understand the possibilities of the cloud transition and lead the change, which includes much more than technology.


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