How Will Technology Shape the Year 2023?

DNA introduces 17 rising technology trends that will step into the limelight in 2023 – many of which leave their mark on history.

Tech Trends of 2023

Which trends burn so bright that they’ll illuminate our shared journey into tomorrow more luminously than others? Which technological breakthroughs will stake their claim at the forefront, helping us tackle new and current challenges, crises and workplace needs? What will we be buzzing about next?

What does the technology year of 2023 look like? We gathered a hefty list of technology trends of the following year from conversations with professionals from multiple industries and a wide range of local and international events, phenomena, and watershed moments. All visual materials in this report were created using the AI software Midjourney.


1. Digital Evolution – Or Revolution?

The world around us is in a state of perpetual change, with technological advancement only accelerating. Which key renewals will prevail?

2. Consume Less, Achieve More

Though we are on a budget concerning our shared planetary resources, we don’t need to endlessly tighten the belt on all commodities.

3. Cybersecurity and Economy: New Impetus

Cybersecurity, the tech scene and sustainable business are constantly reshaping. The speed will only increase in 2023.

4. The Forces and Counterforces of Digital Life

Are you ready for virtual clothing and 3D printed veggie steaks?

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Experts interviewed for the report

Sallamaari Muhonen

CEO of the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK)

“Smart home solutions help to maintain our quality of life, while utilizing reasonable energy consumption.”

Markko Vaarnas

Growth entrepreneur and board professional

“To succeed, companies must have their stuff together.”

Katriina Valli

The founder of AI4value

“Artificial intelligence walks and talks on data. Most time is usually spent on collecting and delivering the data.”

Tytti-Lotta Ojala

Nordic Umami Company's Chief Design Officer

"We have a mission bigger than ourselves, and we want to be involved in developing a more sustainable food ecosystem."