DNA and Edzcom partner up to build private mobile networks for enterprise customers

DNA and Edzcom collaborate to offer a one-stop-shop for enterprise clients requiring for private mobile networks.

Private mobile networks provided by DNA and Edzcom guarantee smooth data transfer and business continuity. Available technologies will include LTE and 5G, enabling features that would be difficult or even impossible to implement through other technologies. For instance, mobile networks provide comprehensive capabilities for securing the network.

"Private mobile networks enable the digitalization of challenging environments such as harbors, mines, sawmills, and factories. Both DNA and Edzcom have advanced industry knowledge and a great deal of experience from different types of networks. Our partnership allows us to provide our clients the best of breed services from one-stop-shop," says Ville Kantola, Business Development Manager in charge of private networks at DNA.

"Industry processes, for example, are more tightly connected with cloud services and other networks nowadays. A private mobile network offers a highly reliable and functional solution," Kantola says.

Mobile networks have gone through rapid development over the years. These days large server cabinets are no longer necessary as technology has become significantly more compact. In practice, a private mobile network can be built at each factory.

From harbors to mines – automated vehicles require minimal data-delay

A typical use case in private networks is an application analyzing video streams using artificial intelligence. Video transfer requires extreme uplink capacity or outbound traffic – in such case, using ordinary/public mobile network is not possible.

"At harbors, for example, it is crucial to know what goes on in the entire harbor area. The merging of camera and sensor data allows us to create a snapshot that can be shared among all companies operating in the area," says Antti Pehkonen, Edzcom's International Business Development Manager.

An AGV, short for an automated guided vehicle, employed at a factory will require artificial intelligence and eyes – that is to say: cameras – to move around. For the purposes of safety, all its observations must be processed with minimal delay.

Mines provide another example. In case an AGV stops in the middle of a mine tunnel deep underground, the entire chain of transportation will pause. Operations will not continue until one of the employees has time to run their check. The mobile network will thus increase operational reliability compared to other solutions such as WiFi.

"WiFi was simply not designed for these circumstances. It is much more vulnerable than a mobile network. Private networks improve operational reliability greatly," says Antti Pehkonen.

Always a tailored product

Private mobile networks are built in very different environments hence they are always tailored for each client.

"We cannot use the same solution at a mine and a harbor. A solution like this is not an off-the-shelf product but a client-specific solution. Our alliance with Edzcom guarantees that each client will always get the best solution for them. Sometimes it might also be wise to start small and expand later by adding new functionalities", says DNA's Ville Kantola.


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