DNA Cloud Managed SASE descends from the hype curve to practical application, taking modern cybersecurity to the next level

Companies around the world are seeking ways to enhance their cybersecurity and stay at the forefront of technology. DNA's Cloud Managed SASE solution offers unprecedented reliability, flexibility, and accessibility, helping businesses swiftly and effortlessly transition to the cutting edge of modern cybersecurity.  

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a comprehensive modern cybersecurity solution that particularly benefits companies focusing on hybrid work, distributed cloud services and applications, and global operations. It combines vital network and security features into a single cloud-based solution.  

According to a research firm Gartner’s forecast analysis, the market for SASE services is expected to grow by about 29% annually over the next five years. By 2027, the global SASE market is projected to surpass the $25 billion mark.  

SASE has descended from the peak of the hype curve into practical application – buzzwords and speculation have finally given way to concrete realization of renewed security needs, which in turn has led to assessment gauging within companies. Significant demand from DNA customers to bring their businesses into the SASE era has been observed. An impeccable solution for this is now available.  

SASE enables a safer and more flexible working environment  

At its core, SASE represents an additional layer on top of traditional network operations, enabling more secure and flexible network and hybrid work. The management of usage and security policies, configuration, reporting, visibility, and other critical administrative elements for a company’s operations are handled through a single centralized system. As one might expect, building and maintaining such highly sophisticated infrastructure is a challenging large-scale operation.  

SASE requires vast amounts of in-house expertise and resources, which represents the biggest hurdle for many companies on the path to adopting SASE. To address this challenge, DNA Cloud Managed SASE is a scalable service package tailored to the individual needs of the company, which DNA experts will implement in close collaboration with the client.  

MSASE enables tailoring SASE functionality into the company's core  

The main advantage of MSASE is that it helps elevate a company’s cybersecurity to a modern level without the need to build and maintain the extremely complex and highly specialized SASE infrastructure in-house.   

“Netskope’s SASE architecture covers the entire globe and is recognized as the highest quality in the world, while DNA has a proven track record in identifying customer needs, solving problems, and customizing services to meet and excel customer expectations,” Mike Remmerswaal, Director, Solutions Engineering Northern Europe at Netskope, describes the Cloud MSASE collaboration between Netskope and DNA.  

MSASE is not a one-size-fits-all boot to force on every foot, but a solution tailored to the customer’s needs and scale to match the company’s breadth of operations. The work doesn’t end with the signing of the contract; DNA and Netskope develop, improve, and maintain the service around the clock.  

The simple yet noble sum of technology plus a service layer forms the core of DNA’s value proposition, realized in the DNA Cloud Managed SASE service.  

Whether a company has operations in Turku, Timbuktu, Tokyo, or all of the above, with DNA Cloud Managed SASE, a comprehensive, reliable, and flexible SASE solution is always available exactly where the operations take place. DNA brings cybersecurity closer to the companies, regardless of where, how, and when they conduct business.  


Learn more about DNA Data Security Services and get in touch with DNA’s experts. Together, let’s tailor the perfect MSASE package that fits your company’s needs.