Telenor emphasised the importance of Nordic cooperation at the Mobile World Congress

At the end of February 2024, the Mobile World Congress brought together the top of the mobile industry, from tele operators to device manufacturers. The Telenor Group, which includes DNA, highlighted the importance of Nordic cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. What should the Nordic cybersecurity work be based on? This question was particularly answered by the Digital Security report announced at the event.

As part of the Mobile World Congress, Telenor’s event 'Strengthening Nordic Digital Security: Panel on Nordic Cooperation' discussed the importance of close cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. Modern society requires a robust and secure digital foundation to function, as states and companies depend on reliable cloud and data network services.

The event featured, among other things, thoughts from the Minister for Transport and Communications, Lulu Ranne, and the Norwegian Minister for Digitalisation and Public Administration, Karianne Oldernes Tung, on changes in the global security environment and strengthening digital security capabilities.

"When we look at the security situation from Finland’s perspective, security fundamentally starts with us. As the global situation becomes increasingly challenging, Finland needs to be part of a strong network of techno-democracies. Our trusted partners are the Nordic countries, Germany, Spain, the USA, and the Netherlands. By working together at a concrete level, we are already ahead regarding threats,” Ranne summarises.

The importance of strengthening digital resilience in each Nordic country was highlighted both at the event and in the report – this will require systematic cooperation. Considering the constant changes in the global landscape, companies should be ready to navigate uncertainties and adapt to new circumstances. The Nordic initiative to better utilise technical solutions and infrastructure – such as fibre and data centres – would strengthen national security by ensuring more resources closer to home.

"Each speaker and each speech at the event emphasised that the cyber threats challenging cybersecurity are real. Nordic cooperation is a great opportunity to intensify threat prevention at many levels: through states, public administration, and companies," says Johan Flykt, DNA's Director of Corporate Sales, responsible for small and medium-sized companies, who visited the event.

The status on cybersecurity 

The newly released Digital Security report underlines that it is currently essential to develop, build, and utilise digital infrastructures to achieve high-level security, resilience, and supply security. Cybersecurity starts with identifying risks and preparing for them, and the report provides a comprehensive situational analysis of the current most important phenomena affecting cybersecurity.

"I wish that every company would internalise what the situation is currently on the cyber threat front. At the moment, many have too rosy picture of reality and it is easy to think that threats mainly concern only critical actors. However, this is not the case, as they concern each one of us – regardless of industry or location," describes Flykt.

Since DNA became part of the Norwegian Telenor Group, the Nordic and global cooperation, ranging from connections to cybersecurity has been further strengthened. Leveraging expertise and capabilities across various sectors throughout the Nordic countries can also open new business opportunities in the field of cybersecurity.


Since DNA became a part of the Norwegian Telenor Group, Nordic and global collaboration in connectivity has strengthened further. Read more about DNA's telecommunications connections from the Nordic region to the world!