DNA's information network services ensure connections to the world through Nordic countries

Companies today depend on reliable cloud and data network services, with the services stored and used from the Internet. After DNA became part of the Norwegian Telenor Group, the Nordic and global cooperation in the field of connections has become even stronger. This has given DNA the opportunity to offer an even wider range of different connections for its customers, whether their services are domestic or abroad. What kind of route takes your company's connections from Finland to the world?

"Customers of information network services typically use latency-critical applications, and service reliability of connections is thus very important. Customers look for reliable solutions from their operators. If necessary, our customers can improve their fault tolerance by acquiring customer-specific backup connections, which enable the services to function even in the event of a possible disruption of the primary connection. Pioneering companies have verified their routes with various physical alternatives by land and water, and even by using the satellite routes available in the range of services,” says Dominique Akl, Head of Network and Security Solutions at DNA.

DNA offers high-quality services in the backbone and local networks of Finland and the Nordic countries, as well as in selected large European cities. DNA's own comprehensive network enables safe route connections.

"DNA has its own fiber network and sea cables in Finland. The connections offer a fast route from Finland to the rest of the Nordic countries. In addition, Telenor has an almost 200,000 kilometers of optic fiber network in the Nordic countries, which also is constantly expanded," says Assi Oikari, DNA Wholesale's Director.

"Telenor has a very strong network and coverage in Sweden, not forgetting the other Nordic countries. Now customers can expand their connections from Finland to the world even more nimbly. The importance of Nordic cooperation cannot be overemphasized in this context," says Joakim Andersson, Head of Wholesale at Telenor Sweden.

The operational reliability of the networks is of primary importance for customers. Currently, there are three separate connection routes between Finland and Sweden: two sea cables and a land route, which are 100% owned by DNA. In addition, for the most critical operators, DNA can offer backup satellite connections based on satellites owned, managed, and operated by Telenor.

"At the moment, all kinds of things are happening in the world, so security of maintenance must be on a solid foundation. Protecting marine cables from damage and repairing them are challenging tasks. That's why the land route from Finland to Sweden is excellent for connections in terms of verification," explains Andersson.

Most typically, international connections are needed to connect offices operating in the Nordic countries. In addition, companies that use Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services produced from data centers located outside the borders of Finland can ensure high availability and a stable, internet-independent connection between their offices and data centers. If a company needs connections from Finland to Norway or from Denmark to Finland, DNA and Telenor can make this easy with Nordic Connect, a service that guarantees quality classes across borders for applications with additional features.

Akl, Oikari and Andersson notes that every customer's needs are different. This is taken into account from the first discussions, when it can be guaranteed that everything including the network design suits the customer's needs.


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