CAP Group provides driving school services remotely

Finland's largest driving school chain CAP Group began to digitalise their driving courses five years ago all the way from Helsinki up to Sodankylä in Lapland. Now that theory classes and driving simulators enable distance learning, the demand for driver training is growing at a record pace.

CAP driving schools offer their theory lessons virtually. Students can participate from home via a computer, tablet or their mobile phone's 3G connection. A maximum of 25 students participate in the same virtual class, and questions can be presented to the teacher via a chat tool. This has considerably increased the activeness of students in class.

Students book lessons on the driving simulator online and independently start their practice. Up to 60% of our students drive half of their driving classes in the simulator.

CEO Pekka Kari, CEO of CAP Driving Schools

”We have so many teachers that we can offer more than 50 theory classes a week. This gives the students much more freedom of choice. In small communities, for example, there may only have been two theory classes a week,” says Pekka Kari, CEO of CAP Driving Schools.

In CAP driving schools, part of the driving instruction can also be carried out in a driving simulator instead of in a real car.

"The main advantage of the simulator is that students can practice traffic rules and driving in traffic at their own pace, without stress. In the simulator, no time is wasted on transfers, so that students can immediately start driving one-way streets even if the nearest real-life one-way street is tens of kilometres away," Kari lists the benefits.

Both the interactive virtual theory lessons and the use of the simulator require a smoothly operating network that covers all of Finland. CAP uses DNA’s wireless subscriptions, and some teachers also have phones and tablets provided by DNA.

”We felt that DNA was the same kind of bold pioneer that we are ourselves. Our communication has been straightforward, and our growing number of students testify to the quality of the service,” says Kari.

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