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First 5G networks, immersive experiences and exoskeletons - these technologies are being discussed during 2019! If you want to know what is going on, download our guide on technology trends now. This information is useful, whether you are holding a presentation to your management team or impressing your friends.

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  • Instead of buzzwords, we wanted to introduce this year's trends more closely. The guide highlights 14 interesting technologies, technological trends, or new phenomena.
  • Among other things, we predict digital twins being the next step in IoT and increasing concern about the security of physical devices. We investigated several studies and discussed with industry experts to prepare the overview.
We interviewed industry influencers
  • We interviewed four Finnish technology influencers about technology trends.
    • Taneli Tikka, Managing Director of the State Development Company Vake, follows the development of future technologies which are important for the Finnish society.
    • Jarna Hartikainen from the National Cyber Security Centre, says that the information security decisions which are now being made will greatly affect what the industry looks like in the 2020s.
    • Serial entrepreneur Jufo Peltomaa believes that augmented reality services will be widely adopted as people desire them.
    • Laura Juvonen, CEO of Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, highlights corporate responsibility, as capital will start to seek companies which operate sustainably.
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