ZTNA: Safety, support, and security – anywhere, anytime

In the throes of cloud computing, SaaS delivery models, and the increasingly complex concepts of hybrid working models, the challenges employers face are on the rise. The goal is to provide always-on and reliable digital tools for employees, while also protecting company data.

To serve this expanding and evolving set of needs, zero trust has emerged. It is first and foremost an application development philosophy aiming to build an ever more secure online environment for the workplace. Zero trust includes access management, user authentication, and micro-segmentation. ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) is a technology that translates the zero trust philosophy into practice, connecting the end device to the user's work-related applications.

Business cyber security needs to be dynamic and responsive

A critical factor in the overall equation is that digital services are spread over a huge area. The era of traditional fixed networks is over and working through the cloud is a dominant part of the modern, seamless business. Cybersecurity must be able to respond dynamically. It must adapt to the risks and opportunities presented by new software and hardware that are added to previously established systems. DNA and Fortinet are working together to develop security solutions that meet these needs.

Systems must adapt to changing working conditions.

As work environments have become more diverse, the number of malwares, scam attempts, and other threats has also grown exponentially. DNA and Fortinet's zero trust architecture aims not only to protect corporate data from hacks and attacks but also to anticipate future risks. Flexible functionality is at the heart of this evolution. The best possible data security means that systems adapt to changing working conditions.

Comprehensive but easy-to-deploy security solutions

The pandemic was a major catalyst for employers to enable greater remote work opportunities. However, as the global situation returned to normal, the same practices remained in place, as the role of hybrid working models in day-to-day business continues to grow. Nevertheless, the needs of business clients have remained relatively similar.

Employers must ensure a smooth and safe working environment – both in the workplace and when working remotely.

The underlying mission of the collaboration between DNA and Fortinet is simple: to provide a framework for smooth and safe working, wherever you work. The driving force behind the partnership is the desire to meet the ever-changing challenges of the digital work environment. To provide comprehensive, yet easy-to-deploy security solutions for the customers. Remote access solutions that serve every need and situation – even those where change is the only constant.

Fortinet creates ground-breaking architecture and DNA maintains close dialogue and collaboration with customers. The result of iron-clad technical groundwork and meticulous needs assessment is a security architecture that is scalable, allowing work to be done securely, smoothly and without worry. Anywhere, anytime.



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