DNA's customers benefit from Telenor's international services

The major news on the operator market last year was the entry of Norwegian operator giant Telenor into Finland following its acquisition of DNA. Externally, this may not have been immediately visible, as DNA’s business has continued in Finland as before under its own brand. In reality, however, the change is enormous. Above all, it will open up entirely new internationalisation opportunities for DNA’s corporate customers.

Thanks to the transaction, DNA joined the big players in a single step. Telenor is a major operator even on a global scale, with a particularly strong foothold in the Nordic and Asian markets.

This is great news for Finnish customers operating internationally or planning to do so. If a company wants to expand into the Nordic countries, for example, Telenor provides a strong base for this.

This naturally also works the other way round: if a Nordic company is already a customer of Telenor, it will gain the synergies of a large operator in Finland through DNA. 

Telenor is strongly developing its Nordic reach to bring the full benefit of synergies to its customers. For Finns, it is nice to know that this Nordic cluster project is headed at Telenor by DNA’s CEO Jukka Leinonen.

The telecommunications sector is facing major changes with the advent of 5G. Telenor also brings the R&D resources of a major international player as well as very strong IoT expertise to Finnish customers.  

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Telenor in figures:

- 186 million customers

- net sales of more than EUR 10 billion

- over 20,000 employees