The world’s leading operators as customers

Comptel delivers software to the leading telecommunications operators of the world for the administration of services for more than a billion customers. DNA offers the company a well-functioning and safe global corporate network.

Comptel is a software company helping its client companies enhance their operations, create new services and convert network data in the automatisation of decision-making. The company’s solutions combine operators’ customer systems and communications networks.

Comptel's field of operations encompasses the whole world: the company offers its services to approximately 300 customers in 90 countries. Its clientele includes leading telecommunications operators in the world: América Móvil, China Mobile, T-Mobile, Telefónica O2 and Vodafone.

Over the past few years, Comptel’s business has grown rapidly, especially in Asia. The company has more than 600 employees and 22 offices around the world from Sydney to São Paulo.

DNA Business offers globally operating Finnish companies high-quality data services between offices and connects geographically separated local area networks as a closed and secure corporate network.

“This way, services of the local area network are available at all offices”, Comptel's Senior Service Manager Muzafer Sulejmani says.

DNA is also responsible for Comptel’s security gateways on the global scale. The information security services also include a DDoS protection service.

Comptel's specialists often work at customer sites to implement projects, carry out maintenance work or sell new services.

“Because of this, offering secure connections to mobile employees is important.

We use a lot of online and video conferencing where the service quality must be reliable”, adds Sulejmani.

Sulejmani points out that Comptel also carries out many software deliveries and maintenance activities over the network, decreasing the need to travel to the site in question. DNA ensures that the network connections are reliable.

Data connections are essential for the company’s business.

“We must be able to help the customer in all situations so that operators can, for instance, bill their customers or open subscriptions for them”, Sulejmani says.

It is also important that the business partner understands the needs of Comptel’s customers.

“DNA is a telecommunications operator itself, so they know well the needs of Comptel’s operator customers and the issues that the end users demand from our customers”, Sulejmani says.

According to Sulejmani, DNA can perceive the matters important for the business. In addition, he values the partner’s proactive approach and ability to react quickly to potential problems.

DNA also offers flexibility. It is needed, for instance, when people are working in different cultures all around the world.

DNA Business is enabling Comptel’s business to succeed with the following solutions:

DNA Security Gateway

DNA Secure Access

DNA Network Management (LAN and WLAN)

DNA Corporate Network

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Technical Service Manager (TSM)