The new Wireless Access Component opens DNA's mobile network for the connectivity needs of a wholesale customer

Now available! DNA's Wireless Access Component service opens DNA's mobile network for wholesale customers for producing their own data services. The service is unique, easy, cost-effective, and simplified. It can be used, for instance, as a replacement solution for a copper network or as a backup for a fixed connection. 

Wireless Access Component is the first telecommunications service for wholesale customers that includes only a SIM card as the connection component. The wholesale customer commercializes the actual connectivity service for the end customers.

“For example, for a foreign telecom operator this is an easy and inexpensive way to get a secure mobile network connection for its own end customer. In practice, DNA simply offers a SIM card that our wholesale customer inserts in the end customer’s router. We only transport the last mile traffic to a specific base station and direct the traffic to the wholesale customer's Interconnect (NNI) via a customer-specific virtual network,” says DNA's Business Manager Tommi Hirvi.

The dismantling of copper networks requires alternative means of connectivity

In the 2020s, the dismantling of traditional copper networks is a trend that also affects Finland. It makes Wireless Access Component particularly significant.

“After 160 years, operators are now dismantling copper-based telephone networks. This calls for replacement options. Wholesale customers need to ensure service continuity to their own end customers. Our new service fulfils this demand for continuity if the previous connection method is no longer available,” says Nea Wistbacka, DNA’s Development Manager.

“The end customer won’t notice any difference because the performance of DNA’s mobile network does not lag behind copper. The wholesale customer's productization, service description, and service promise can remain the same even if the connection technology changes,” Wistbacka explains.

For example, a foreign operator may have a pan-European contract to provide connectivity for each location of its customers. But very soon, there may be locations also in Finland where copper disappears and where it would be expensive to replace the connection with optical fiber. The mobile network enables very quick and effortless connectivity.

There is a high likelihood that DNA is the first operator to offer a product like the Wireless Access Component and to provide its own mobile network directly for the use of wholesale customers.

“For a long time, the wholesale market has had higher-end services such as MPLS and broadband services. The Wireless Access Component, on the other hand, is a stripped-down lower-end construction component. With its launch we are creating a completely new market,” says Hirvi.

Wireless Access Component in a nutshell

  • A new mobile network-based service operating in Finland for DNA's wholesale customers
  • A replacement or complementary implementation for leased lines
  • Traffic is transferred from the base station to the wholesale customer's Interconnect (NNI) through a customer-specific virtual network
  • The wholesale customer gets SIM cards that can be inserted to the end customer's routers
  • Includes a customer-specific APN by default
  • Leverages DNA's 5G and 4G networks
  • Speed classes, Mbit/s: 2, 10, 50, 100, full rate
  • The amount of data transfer is not priced separately


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