Smart and secure IoT connectivity with DNA

If you want an outstanding Internet of Things solution you need state-of-the-art network.

“DNA has got a solid history of being a strong machine-to-machine connection provider in the Finnish IoT market,” says Markus Puukki, Director, Wholesale at DNA. “We see that IoT evolves along with mobile network capabilities. Thus, it is clear we have got a role to play as a first-class provider for smart and secure connectivity for IoT solutions.”

Founded in 2000, DNA is the youngest network operator in Finland. It has got modern network capabilities that give excellent coverage for IoT use cases.

“The IoT market is developing through a wide range of solutions such as industrial IoT, smart cities, retail, connected cars, healthcare, transportation and logistics,” Puukki continues. “Our focus is to be part of the main IoT platforms and ecosystems.”

In 2018, DNA will introduce a new IoT-specific global scale service, by partnering with IoT Connectivity Management Platform from Cisco Jasper. This platform and a group of DNA’s highly competent IoT professionals will provide major benefits to manage connectivity, costs and security of IoT solutions all over the world. It also supports ecosystems thinking by providing users with full independence to choose their preferred IoT partners.

Three major IoT trends

In many ways, the Internet of Things is already well on its way. However, DNA sees platform economy, digitalization and new mobile network radio standards as key trends. As an IoT forerunner DNA is already well positioned to meet the requirements of these trends and able to support the ramp up of the new era of IoT business development.

IoT solutions rely more and more on global and scalable ecosystems and platforms.

“The utilisation of these more integrated ecosystems and platforms will showcase the Finnish market and industries on a global scale,” says Puukki. “DNA’s smart and secure connectivity is capable of supporting this development.”

A second major development is how IoT integrates in the evolving digitalised business environment.

“IoT is part of the digitalisation process. Companies can undergo digitalisation and develop IoT solutions hand-in-hand,” explains Puukki. “DNA’s smart connectivity opens great opportunities for digitalisation and IoT.”

The new mobile radio network standards such as NB-IoT and LTE-M are already here and provide narrow band technologies that focus on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life and a large number of connected devices. More diverse sensors in challenging locations can be connected to the network and operated cost efficiently.

“These new standards support more efficient IoT connectivity, complemented with our comprehensive mobile networks, frequency portfolio and the connectivity interoperability with our international platform partners,” Puukki says.

Benefits of smart connectivity

DNA has already optimized its network for IoT, but it continues to push for improvement.

“Now, we are leveraging our position by going further towards smarter IoT connectivity, full integration and interoperability with IoT platforms and ecosystems,” says Puukki. “It remains to be seen whether the market develops via machine-to-machine connections or IoT solutions.”

Puukki stresses that DNA provides scalable, dynamic, flexible, secure and global management of IoT connectivity. The operator considers itself “global ready” and it works to provide global IoT solutions in Finland. Moreover, DNA can offer its deep expertise and experience for the customers.

“When companies are developing cutting edge solutions, we support them with smart connectivity that allows maximum freedom. We also support new IoT business development, and welcome all new IoT businesses and ideas to the Finnish market, regardless of their verticals.”

The best is yet to come

Already in 2017, DNA’s 4G network was used for an IoT experiment utilising the new NB-IoT standard. The purpose was to measure indoor radio conditions in a retail store.

The pilot project was a success and serves as a hint of things to come. DNA’s NB-IoT readiness now covers about 85 per cent of Finland’s population.

“We are very excited about scalability, integration possibilities, and our capability to provide connectivity in a secure fashion to global customers,” Puukki says. “Together with IoT Connectivity Management Platform from Cisco Jasper, we will have an outstanding way to connect IoT to platforms and ecosystems.”