Sitowise - Digitalisation boosts construction

Sitowise utilises digital applications that save time and costs in construction projects. DNA Business’ telecommunications solutions provide a good basis for continuous business development.

Sitowise is a built environment specialist company whose range of services covers all design, expert and digital services for the entire life cycle of construction. The company’s largest business area, building construction design and consulting services, is in good swing as, along with renovations, the number of new construction projects is also growing. In addition to Finland, the business area of about 720 employees has operations in the Baltic countries.

Business Director Timo Palonkoski says that the reliability of telecommunications solutions is extremely important for a company operating in several locations.

DNA Business’ Corporate Network provides data connections between Sitowise’s offices with firewall and information security services connected. Communication with construction sites is handled using 4G connections.

“We have been very satisfied with DNA’s solutions. We also appreciate the service-minded attitude. Work is done well and on time”, Palonkoski says.

According to him, digitalisation speeds up the flow of information and streamlines the progress of construction projects. That means significant cost savings for all the parties involved.
For example, video connections, which are rapidly becoming more common, save time as some meetings and, in the future, project supervision can be handled in part remotely.


We improved our customer’s business with the following solutions:


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