Schools inspired by new ways of learning

The HundrED project, looking for innovative ways of learning, has proceeded to the implementation phase. It also involves two projects sponsored by DNA.

In the HundrED project, schools, together with experts in the field of education, have created and developed one hundred innovations that change educational practices in Finland. These will also be spread to other countries.

The participating schools and teachers took this challenge seriously. After all, the HundrED project received more than 500 ideas on how to develop teaching methods. The selected one hundred projects and experiments have now proceeded to the implementation phase.

DNA is the main partner of the HundrED project

“We wanted to be part of a project which aims to put Finnish education into the first place on a global scale, also for the next 100 years. We can also learn more from schools and take a look at the teaching methods of the future,” says Hanna Haapakoski, sustainability manager at DNA.

More vitality for rural schools through digitalisation

DNA sponsors two projects, and it is particularly interested to see how they proceed. In one of these, the Kautiala rural school in Kangasala, together with other municipal schools, is looking for ways to improve the vitality of rural schools through digitalisation.

“New digital solutions enable closer cooperation between rural schools. For example, teachers from different schools can prepare and share digital teaching material in virtual workspaces,” Haapakoski says.

In November, DNA held a workshop for Kangasala rural schools to think about the opportunities offered by digitalisation. Markus Humaloja, teacher at Veromäki school in Vantaa and specialist in online pedagogy, also took part to talk about digital teacher teams developed at his school.

Social media brings people closer

Kangasala rural schools are already using social media channels to maintain contact between schools and homes, as well as teachers and students. This helps to bring people closer in villages that are often centred around schools.

“DNA has a strong presence in social media, and we are able to make our expertise in social communications available to the project.”

After the workshop, the rural schools decided that cooperation between smaller schools is worth developing. Most likely, the HundrED project is a start for long-term cooperation.

The other project sponsored by DNA is an English language school in Helsinki which is building a game room for learning.

“It will feature the most interesting learning games and the technology required to use them effectively. DNA has supported this project, for example, through hardware acquisitions,” Haapakoski says.