Redundant subsea cables ensure safe and secure connections abroad 

As the saying goes, two are better than one. This is also true of the critical network backbone connections. DNA is now able to offer its customers two independent and fully owned subsea cable routes (DNA Seaway) from Finland to Sweden.

DNA's own subsea cables bring companies a new option to establish effortless and secure data connections abroad. It is worth remembering that Finland is a separate island in terms of internet connections, which is why worry-free always-on connections to the outside world are vital to our businesses.

How do you guarantee this kind functionality? DNA offers two new redundant subsea cable routes from the southern coast of Finland to the Stockholm region in Sweden. A critical failure in one subsea cable is quite unlikely, but two redundant cables ensure connections work practically at all times.

An additional advantage for DNA's customers is that the cables are fully owned by DNA, from the inside to the outer sheath. In addition, DNA is responsible for their maintenance. This means that in all matters relating to the connections between Finland and Sweden, you only need to communicate with one operator. In case any problems arise, you do not have to think about who is responsible for solving the issue. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

Technology that works on land and at sea

Since DNA is part of Telenor, the subsea connections provide a fast and open road from Finland to the rest of the Nordic region. Similarly, DNA's extensive high-speed fibre network in Finland provides further connections from Sweden to anywhere in Finland and beyond. And once again, you can take care of all your connectivity needs with one operator, from the seashores to inland and back.

The comprehensive network allows connections to be routed redundantly from one site to another. There are no single points of failure which would cut off the operation of the entire service.

When dealing with leased line providers, several different actors may be involved. It may be unclear who to contact if something goes wrong or additional information is required. In addition to owning the cables, DNA also owns the IT areas along the routes. When dealing with DNA, you know that you are dealing directly with the owner. There is only one counterparty with no intermediaries to take care of your company's connections.


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