One-stop shop for a corporate network in the Nordic region

The Nordic countries are important business partners for Finnish companies, both as sales markets and product development sites. Nordic cooperation has also been an increasing focus at DNA, which is now part of the Norwegian Telenor. 

For Finnish companies, the cooperation is reflected in smoother services, as network needs throughout the Nordic region can now be met with the Nordic Connect service provided by DNA. 

Nordic Connect links the local area networks of geographically dispersed company sites in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) into a single closed and secure corporate network – whether fixed or wireless. Connections to the Baltic region can also be arranged. 

Nordic Connect allows all the services in different local area networks to be used in all of a company’s sites.

“DNA is now developing Nordic Connect in close cooperation with Telenor. We have already launched the first joint product development projects in Nordic Connect to make the service even more suitable for the needs of Finnish customers,” says DNA Business Manager Toni Laaksonen. 

The connections are based on DNA’s own modern core network in Finland and Telenor’s Nordic core and access networks in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

“The networks are maintained by expert personnel in all the Nordic countries, allowing customers to confidently focus on their own business,“ Toni Laaksonen continues.

The Nordic Connect Wide Area Network (WAN) is based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, where connections can be implemented using a number of different interface technologies.

Companies' network needs vary widely. A wide range of additional and supplemental services enables the implementation of the most demanding customer network solutions. Other DNA services can also be connected to the corporate network, such as Internet and data security services, IP phone services, data centre and network management services, as well as APN services supporting full-scale mobile use.

"For the customer, this means ease and peace of mind. They can get everything from the same supplier,” says Laaksonen. 

Fact: Nordic Connect scales to the needs of the company

  • Implementations range from a network with a few workstations to demanding network solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries
  • Deployment services and IP address management
  • Several interface technologies (fixed, wireless)
  • Option to link remote connections to the closed corporate network 
  • Option to categorise and prioritise communications traffic


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