From Finland to a broader world – Ropo Capital turned Finnish invoicing to export item

When you have a solid and popular service concept, you do not want to stay put but seek larger markets. Based in Kuopio, Finland, Ropo Capital provides invoice lifecycle services to its customers. When the company saw that their unique single-provider concept was working in the domestic market, they decided to take a bold step forward and explore markets abroad.

"At Ropo, we have created an advanced invoice lifecycle management service. Our Finnish customers have appreciated our service concept, which has resulted in fast growth for us. Our approach has changed the Finnish market, and now we want to respond to customer needs internationally," says Sami Levy, Commercial Director at Ropo Capital.

Ropo's ambitious internationalization was kick-started in 2019 when Ropo acquired Colligent Inkasso credit management company from the Swedish banking group Collector. The following steps were swift. At the end of 2020, Ropo entered Norway as the company acquired Posti Messaging's Swedish and Norwegian operations. In 2021, the company strengthened its foothold in Norway by acquiring BAHS Kapital.

"We're in a position to provide our customers a close partnership and help them in streamlining their sales ledger through advanced technology and people-oriented service. The approach is the same in Finland, Sweden, or Norway since enterprise needs and challenges are very similar. The Nordic countries also resemble each other in terms of invoicing processes. The infrastructure in these countries is highly developed, which facilitates the implementation of Ropo's solutions. Therefore, the Nordic countries are a natural first step for our international operations."

A well-functioning invoicing process is a company's lifeline

Ropo's service covers the entire invoice lifecycle from invoicing to ledger control, account receivables management, and finance. Invoice lifecycle management is essential for a company to predict cash flows and meet its payment obligations. If receivables do not materialize on time, the whole future of the business is in danger.

In invoice management, automated processes come with benefits. Life is much easier for customer companies when both invoices and reminders go out consistently. Visibility into invoicing brings predictability to operations. The company can plan operations on a longer span and a more solid basis. The reduction of manual steps eliminates errors and delays, and the enterprise can focus on running its core business.

"Since Ropo's service covers the entire process, our customers have access to a holistic solution to enhance receivables management through a single provider. The fact that just one partner manages the entire process creates transparency and improves reporting", Levy says.

Straight talk as a competitive edge

"It is a key competitive advantage for Ropo that, as a young company, we have been able to develop modern technology from the start. We carry no historical baggage. We are agile in developing solutions for the benefit of our customers. Since we manage all of the technology ourselves, we can focus on the needs of individual customers and industry-specific features better than our competitors," says Levy.

Straight talk is one of Ropo's values. According to Levy, this means, for example, that in a low-hierarchy organization, anyone can bring forth observations that move the company in the right direction.

"As an enterprise, we are always finding ways to improve together. I believe that open dialogue helps us all to be a little better tomorrow than we were today."

When Ropo has conquered the Nordic countries and customers' invoicing processes are up to speed, what will be the next step?

"Our goal is to be the market leader in invoice lifecycle in the Nordics by 2023. Ropo is a straight-talking, honest company whose topmost objective is to help our customers succeed. We think this resonates within advanced and forward-looking businesses around the globe."