Flexibility and reliability through wireless Layer 2 Ethernet VPN solution 

Reliability and flexibility are two words that modern companies need to conduct their business effectively. DNA is excited to introduce a new access type of Wholesale Ethernet VPN: a wireless Ethernet VPN capability which provides secure, flexible, and reliable connections in addition to traditional fixed access. It is also well suited to remote sites where there are no fixed or reliable cable connections.  

Ethernet VPN is a secure way of connecting company’s geographically dispersed sites. The new DNA Wholesale Ethernet VPN solution brings new flexibility to corporate customers, without sacrificing speed and reliability. There are several use cases where a wireless Ethernet VPN makes great sense.  

  • Telecom providers are increasingly phasing out old copper cables, but they are not always immediately – if ever – replaced with optical fiber connections. Wireless solutions give more flexibility for choosing a location for a company site. 
  • A wireless connection is quick to set up: a working solution can be delivered as quickly as in one to two weeks. If a company is establishing a new remote site, this is the fastest way to get the connections up and running. 
  • In modern business, companies need constant connectivity. Wireless connection is an excellent backup solution for keeping the business working in cases of emergency.  

While wireless access type has been relatively common in Layer 3 network solutions, now wireless option becomes available also in Layer 2. This enables service providers to offer customized services on top of the solution. The Wholesale Ethernet VPN can form a great base for new innovative offerings. 

The customer does not have to sacrifice performance while gaining flexibility. DNA’s mobile connections are the fastest in Finland (Omnitele, 11/2020). 


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