Fixed 5G expands DNA`s offering to wholesale customers  

DNA’s wholesale customers can expand their service offering to their customers with fixed 5G. Fixed 5G serves especially in locations that are not covered by fast fibre connections. 

Fixed 5G enables a better level of service to even more Finns, as fibre connections are not a cost-effective option in all regions of this sparsely populated country. 

DNA is installing dozens of base stations every week. Every month, the coverage of the 5G network expands to new medium-sized cities.

DNA provides up-to-date information on the expanded 5G network 

“For wholesale customers, this is another means of catering to the ever-changing needs of customers. Fixed 5G is the future. It provides a user experience equivalent to a fibre connection in regions where fibre is not available,” says Dominique Akl, who is responsible for corporate data and IoT solutions at DNA. 

5G is in a class of its own in terms of speed and delay. 

It makes working at the office and remotely easy, as the network no longer poses a bottleneck to processing files and software. Fast connections bring family and friends close, improve the quality of streaming and TV, and take gaming to the next level. For detached houses, DNA 5G provides an uncongested user experience.  

“Wireless 5G is high performance and easy to install. In addition, its delay is close to that of fixed networks,” says Dominique Akl. 

Investments in the 5G network also speed up DNA’s extensive 4G network, as base stations are wired for fibre and traffic is divided between the 4G and 5G networks.

“In Finland, a mobile connection is a highly viable solution for the network needs of many companies and households,” says Akl. 

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