Don`t forget data security when choosing your SD-WAN solution

Flexible SD-WAN network technology has made an impressive breakthrough in Finnish businesses. When finding the right SD-WAN solution for your company, it pays to make sure that the choice includes built-in data security.

The adoption of SD-WAN is typically justified by the need to reduce network costs, improve service usability, simplify management and ensure speedier changes. Data security is often only an afterthought and not even included in most solutions on the market.

Businesses that buy only an SD-WAN solution ar forced to look elsewhere for data security. As a result, the network environment is filled with technologies that must be managed separately. Fragmented solutions lead to disorderly management, which in turn results in additional work and expenses. At the same time, dangerous security gaps become more likely.

The new DNA Secure SD-WAN service differs from most solutions by including integrated data security. Designed in cooperation with the world’s leading information security company Fortinet, the service offers businesses a centrally managed and modern corporate network that ensures data security from end to end. Businesses avoid unnecessary problems and gain the benefits of a modern network solution cost-effectively.

The service includes both network devices and network security management in a single package. New sites and devices are added to the network automatically. The service can use any network connection used by the company, and can be implemented globally either with devices installed at the site or by means of a public cloud service.

The DNA Secure SD-WAN service in brief:

  • Connects your company sites by a secure corporate network
  • Integrated and centrally managed data security
  • Data security covers all parts of the corporate network and updated automatically
  • New sites and devices can be added automatically
  • Available worldwide with on-site devices or the cloud