DNA / Telenor Delivers Secure Client ZTNA Services with Fortinet for Customers in the Nordic Region

DNA – Part of Telenor Group (TELNY) - a leading technology and data communication provider in Finland and Northern Europe, and Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today announced that they have expanded their agreement with the delivery of DNA’s Secure Client ZTNA, powered by Fortinet Universal ZTNA. This service extends existing Secure SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) services to reinforce zero-trust architectures that converge security and networking, while including more fine grain control features and creating value with zero-trust capabilities. 

In a world where employees are accessing resources from a variety of devices and locations, the traditional network perimeter can no longer be used as a reliable indicator of trust. Zero-trust has emerged to serve this expanding and evolving set of needs to build a safer work environment regardless of where the work is done —on-premises or remotely. Zero-trust is founded on the principle that no one and nothing can be implicitly trusted. The adoption of a zero-trust strategy has resulted in the popularity of zero-trust network access (ZTNA), a technology that helps to control access to applications. Users and devices are continuously monitored and verified - before every application session - to detect any changes that might indicate a compromise. 

The Secure Client ZTNA service by DNA enables the principle of least privilege in accordance with the zero-trust architecture. The service provides secure, remote access to applications and data using a range of security features and helps protect businesses from potential legal and financial consequences. It enables DNA / Telenor Nordics to build zero-trust capabilities by leveraging Fortinet Universal ZTNA, which simplifies the transition from virtual private networks (VPN) to ZTNA in a controlled and careful way. This smooth and seamless transition allows customers to move application coverage over to ZTNA gradually, one application at a time. The Secure Client ZTNA service is part of the Secure Site product family and includes hardware, software, licenses, expertise, and maintenance, with monthly billing. 

“The driving force behind the collaboration is the desire to meet the ever-changing challenges of the digital work environment. These flexible and easy-to-deploy security solutions enable customers to ensure a smooth and safe working environment for their employees, both in the workplace and when working remotely. Currently, Telenor Group is investing heavily in developing a secure pan-Nordic Telenor Nordic network portfolio by scaling up the leading local capabilities for true beyond connectivity benefits for its Nordic customers,” declares Juho Saarinen, Business Manager from DNA.  

“DNA has become a Fortinet Expert-level partner as part of our Engage Partner program for MSSPs. Leveraging Fortinet solutions including Fortinet Universal ZTNA, built on our unified agent FortiClient, DNA has developed comprehensive cybersecurity services solutions that aim not only to protect customers from potential cyber threats but also to anticipate future risks and ensure business continuity,” says Bjarne Lauritzen, Regional VP Sales at Fortinet.  

About Fortinet 

Fortinet is a driving force in the evolution of cybersecurity and the convergence of networking and security. Our mission is to secure people, devices, and data everywhere, and today we deliver cybersecurity everywhere you need it with the largest integrated portfolio of over 50 enterprise-grade products. Well over half a million customers trust Fortinet's solutions, which are among the most deployed, most patented, and most validated in the industry. The Fortinet Training Institute, one of the largest and broadest training programs in the industry, is dedicated to making cybersecurity training and new career opportunities available to everyone. FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet’s elite threat intelligence and research organization, develops and utilizes leading-edge machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to provide customers with timely and consistently top-rated protection and actionable threat intelligence. Learn more at, the Fortinet Blog, and FortiGuard Labs


About DNA – Part of Telenor 

DNA is the agile part of Telenor Group (TELNY) and one of the leading telecommunications companies in Finland. Telenor Group provides telecom, data, and media communication services, owning both fixed-line and mobile networks in all Nordic countries and an established player in faster-growing emerging markets. DNA has been known for delivering the most comprehensive and seamless Secure SD-WAN service solutions in the Finnish market. As a forerunner in new ways of working, DNA / Telenor gets inspiration from digitalization and wants to realize its potential together with customers.