"We look forward to another year as a Fortinet Partner to help secure our business customer's business and services," says Dominique Akl, DNA's Head of Network and Security Solutions.

DNA receives Fortinet's MSSP Partner of the Year Award

In April 2023, DNA received Fortinet's MSSP Partner of the Year Award to recognize exceptional cybersecurity sales and achievements in customer experience, collaboration, and marketing. DNA and Fortinet have been partners for years, and the key to success boils down to one simple principle.

"Trust-based partnerships that you are willing to invest in are the ones that provide the most value," says Dominique Akl, DNA's Head of Network and Security Solutions. "Our relationship with Fortinet started a long time ago, and we were among their first partners in Finland around 2006 or so. We have invested a considerable amount of time, money, and effort in fostering that partnership to get the most out of it for both parties," he continues.  

For DNA, that means committing to training and certifying their employees to the degree of having the most Fortinet specializations in Finland. The company also goes the extra mile with its customer support, and the efforts have been noticed.  

"Our Expert partnership status recognizes our work to ensure our customers have access to the best possible solutions for their needs and top-notch customer support from highly skilled people, should they need assistance. As the status is given once the strict qualifications are met, it communicates to our customers that we are reliable, have the know-how, and are among top-tier managed security service providers," Akl explains. 

Although DNA has won three local Fortinet awards in Finland already, the MSSP Partner of the Year Award for EMEA acknowledges the persistent, long-term work that has also enabled growth. Fortinet's channel partners play a crucial role in helping Fortinet secure users, devices, applications, and edges everywhere. DNA has the ability to design and deliver meaningful solutions and win customer cases. Their continuous growth demonstrates customer happiness and that the value proposition makes sense.  

"We're proud to be Fortinet's 2022 MSSP Partner of the Year at the EMEA district. Our in-house know-how expertise with Fortinet's products and services, that we have a wide portfolio of, strong marketing campaigns, and the ability to execute and train people have culminated in this award. We see the nomination as a recognition of our commitment to our customers. We look forward to another year as a Fortinet Partner to help secure our business customer's business and services," Akl celebrates.  

Increased security awareness leads into increased demand

Fortinet is a cyber security company delivering software and hardware solutions through its partners. DNA is among the top-tier companies in Finland that fulfill the highest partnership requirements. That means they possess the top-notch ability to deliver and operate securer networking solutions for Finnish B2B customers based on Fortinet technology.  

In Finland, the demand is increasing at a steady pace. The regulators are a significant driver for improving cyber security, and geopolitical uncertainty brings its flavor to the mix. Another factor is the growing level of awareness.  

"One of the trends we have identified is the growing demand for securing industrial-level solutions to the same fashion companies secure their headquarters and offices. Factories and infrastructures need to be secured the same way to increase resilience," Akl explains.  

DNA continuously develops its Fortinet portfolio to ensure its customers can access the best solutions for their needs. From Next Gen Firewall Solutions to Centralized Management and Reporting to Zero Trust Network Access, SD-WAN, and Secure SD-Branch, DNA offers a wide array of services that come with its connectivity and consultancy services as a one-stop shop solution. 


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