DNA Network Access is the online bouncer for business networks

Unidentified devices always cause security gaps in business networks. DNA Network Access ensures a secure online business environment.

Whenever a new device is connected to a business network, be it the laptop of a new employee or an IoT air quality monitor, it must be identified. At the same time, it is crucial to make sure each user gains access to the necessary resources. A security camera, for example, will not require the same access rights to online servers and folders as company employees.

In practice, large enterprises rarely have a clear overview of all devices connected to their networks. Previous policies may have been lax, and the network may consequently be filled with unidentified devices such as previous visitors’ mobile phones and cars in the parking garage. Lacking proper scanning tools, many falsely assume everything is alright.

However, all unidentified devices expand the attack surface. Cyber criminals with bad intentions are always on the lookout for vulnerable organizations and devices to use as springboards to other parts of the web. The Internet of Things has complicated the situation even further.

Business network’s very own janitor

In order to manage all connected devices, a network access control solution is required to identify and profile all devices and grant them the required rights.

Network access control solutions are based on the Zero Trust security model, which means that by default, no device should be trusted automatically.

DNA provides network access as a service for all enterprises starting from mid-size to large and in all industries. The service is built on Aruba’s ClearPass solution, which automatically profiles all devices and gathers device-specific data with the help of machine learning, ensuring quick access to previously identified devices.

Profiling also accumulates risk data, which can be used to detect whether all connected devices have the required security updates. If necessary, the network access control solution will command the network components and force suspicious devices out entirely, giving an extra boost to general security.

A user-friendly solution with good management tools

DNA Network Access is equipped with management tools which provide a real-time overview of all devices connected to the network. Users will also gain access to reports and network activity-based data required for audits.

DNA guarantees all customers the best value in use by making sure each business finds the most appropriate solution to their individual operating environment and in alignment with their unique visual identity. Deployment as a service will not require physical instalment and is easy for the end user. As a result, time and effort spent on manual surveillance will decrease, while network visibility and IT security will improve.


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