DNA is launching a virtual mobile numbers service

Now available - DNA launched a new DNA Virtual Mobile Numbers service! The service was earlier in the pilot phase. 

DNA Virtual Mobile Numbers are mobile numbers from DNA’s number allocation that are not related to a physical SIM card. Number blocks connected to the service are covered by the national number portability, and it’s also possible to call the emergency services. The service is also known by other names, such as Mobile D.I.D. We offer our wholesale customers numbers and interfaces for SMS and voice transfer in both directions, as well as the actual traffic to the telephone network. 

The most typical and a classic example of the use of the numbers is Uber, which is a customer of our wholesale customers. In Uber’s service situation, both the driver and the customer have access to virtual numbers that allow them to communicate both by phone calls and SMS in order to, for example, find the customer’s location. The number is valid for a short time after the service situation. The customer then recycles it on their own service platform in about 6–8 weeks for new service situations. 

However, there are dozens of ways to use the virtual mobile numbers. DNA’s typical customer groups are OTT operators and other operators. 

Interested? Contact your assigned sales professional, who will be happy to tell you more!


The article is edited the 29th of September.