DNA Cloud LAN is a fully cloud-managed network implementation based on the Aruba Central cloud service.

DNA Cloud LAN guarantees the security and functionality of the local network

DNA Cloud LAN is an easy-to-deploy, high-quality, complete fixed and wireless local area network solution for business customers. The service includes centralized, cloud-based management and gathers the view of the entire network in one dashboard. Cloud LAN is an end-to-end service package which can be supplemented with information security services, among other things.

Suppose your organization is currently considering updating local area network solutions, or you are just acquiring local area network services. In that case, DNA Cloud LAN is an option that works for these needs. DNA Cloud LAN is a local area network service intended for companies, which can be used to build a network that will meet the customer’s needs. In addition, the service brings both wired and wireless networks into one single view for more effective network management and maintenance.

It is a service solution, which means that all the services, from competent administrators to designers and network architects, are included in the DNA Cloud LAN solution.

"DNA Cloud LAN offers a single, centralized management platform for the entire network solution, including wireless and wired networks. The service has only one reporting channel, from which you can get a real-time picture of the network’s status and an idea of ​​what has happened in the past," says Juho Saarinen, Business Manager of DNA's information security services. 

"Therefore, the customer is not left alone at any point of the service, with certified experts always available for support. The service also includes Zero-touch deployment, i.e. we deliver the devices to the customer. When connected to the network, the configuration takes place automatically," adds Vili Hamarila, DNA's Technical Architect.

DNA Cloud LAN is a fully cloud-managed network implementation built on the Aruba Central cloud service. The solution is based on Aruba's technology and has been implemented in cooperation between DNA and Aruba.

"The cloud as a management platform enables the customer to access a wider range of features. In addition, the artificial intelligence built into the service streamlines the resolution of tickets in the service layer. Artificial intelligence also helps more broadly detect causes for various problems," Hamarila describes.

In short, DNA Cloud LAN gives the customer increased visibility into their network, a secure operating environment and more flexibility than before. The service is easily scaled from one location to a comprehensive solution that covers all of the organization's locations.

"With Cloud LAN, customers get a unified and easily expandable local area network solution that enables users to have a fast, secure and effortless online experience," Saarinen sums up. 


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