At the largest carrier event in Europe it helps to be well-prepared

In October, we attended Capacity Europe, the largest conference in Europe for telecommunication operators. The event focuses on wholesale services and cooperation between operators and is attended by all significant carriers from over 90 countries.

DNA participates actively in such conferences in order to follow trends in the industry and build new partnerships and networks. Our programme consisted of several brief meetings with often only 30 minutes or less time to spend with each partner.

On such a tight schedule, good advance preparation is the key to success. With the help of thorough background information, even a brief meeting is enough time to review as many items as possible and to demonstrate to the other party that we are genuinely interested in a partnership and are able provide wholesale services suitable of supporting their portfolio.

Above quantity, meeting the right companies and the right people in them is crucial. Instead of having salespeople meet other salespeople and buyers other buyers, each person taking part in the event has a precise and slightly different target segment.

We are making good progress in building our partnerships, and DNA’s recognition on the global telecommunication operator market grows year by year. Our portfolio includes high-quality connections for both international and domestic customers in Finland and worldwide, as well as equipment facilities and other infrastructure services.

Further information on DNA’s selection on network leasing, operator services and global connections, among others, can be found at the address


Kari Lehtonen
Sales Manager, Fixed Operator Services,  DNA Plc