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Who we are

DNA Wholesale offers both domestic and international businesses and operators high-quality telecommunication solutions ranging from simple implementations to tailored projects of a larger size.

We offer our wholesale customers quality products and services. With the expertise and experience of our personnel, we have been successful in managing demanding large-scale projects for our customers. DNA is a fixed network broadband market leader, we provide a comprehensive selection of wireless solutions, and our voice services offering is wide. DNA’s networks cover Finland nationwide, with our own modern backbone network and 4G and 5G mobile networks. In addition, DNA Seaway redundant sea cables ensure safe and secure connections abroad.

Fast, Bold and Straightforward

DNA is among Finland’s leading telecommunication corporations, and as our core values define, we are fast, bold and straightforward. As part of the Telenor family, you will also receive expert help in the Nordics. 

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Comprehensive infrastructure and expertise guarantee quality

37 000
km fibre network

5G population coverage (1/2022)

4G population coverage (1/2022)

1 600
skilled employees

Our solutions

We offer high quality products and services together with strong expertise to both domestic and international companies providing telecommunications services.

About us

DNA is among Finland’s leading telecommunication corporations, employing approx. 1600 people. In 2019, DNA became part of the international Telenor Group.

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Our expert personnel will gladly help you find a fitting solution for your needs. In case you didn't find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss about the possibilities of tailored solutions. 

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5/2022 DNA Business

37 000 kilometriä kuitua, kaksi merikaapelireittiä, automaattivarmistus ja vankka asiantuntemus takaavat yhteyden jatkuvuuden

DNA:n kapasiteetti- ja infraratkaisut tarjoavat varmat yhteydet niin Suomeen kuin ulkomaillekin.
2/2022 DNA Business

Kustannustehokas mobiiliverkko on vaihtoehto kiinteälle yhteydelle  

Mobiiliverkko saattaa kuulostaa ratkaisuna kevyeltä.
1/2022 DNA Business

Tuplavarmistettu merikaapeli takaa varmat yhteydet ulkomaille – lisäetuna tulee helppous

DNA pystyy nyt tarjoamaan asiakkailleen kaksi toisistaan riippumatonta ja täysin omassa omistuksessa olevaa merikaapelireittiä (DNA Seaway) Suomesta Ruotsiin, ja samalla toki myös päinvastaiseen suuntaan.
7/2022 DNA Business

Virtual Mobile Numbers

DNA Wholesale’s Virtual Mobile Number service offers easily deployable Finnish mobile numbers for the over-the-top (OTT) communication service providers, aggregators, and mobile and virtual network operators.
6/2022 DNA Business

37 000 kilometres of fibre, two subsea cables, automatic redundancy and rock-hard expertise ensure stable connections

DNA’s capacity and infra solutions offer reliable connections to Finland and abroad.
2/2022 DNA Business

A cost-efficient mobile network is an alternative to a fixed connection

In Finland and the Nordics, investing in the development of mobile networks is quite unique on a global scale.
1/2022 DNA Business

Redundant subsea cables ensure safe and secure connections abroad

DNA is now able to offer its customers two independent and fully owned subsea cable routes (DNA Seaway) from Finland to Sweden.