A2P messaging

Reliable and secure message delivery 

DNA offers A2P Messaging service as a tailored solution nationwide in Finland, where the SMS termination is enabled to all Finnish subscriptions.

DNA is actively monitoring and not accepting traffic into our network via grey routes. Contract for A2P messaging ensures that your messages are delivered reliably through proper channels. A2P Messaging can be used for one-way-communication, e.g., for password requests and two-factor authentication or even as a marketing channel. 

A2P Messaging in a nutshell

  • SMS Termination to all Finnish subscriptions
  • Service uses standardised interfaces from which the most suitable one can be selected
  • Sender information can be determined based on the customer's need
  • Possibility to use the SMS Sender ID registered with Traficom


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Customer benefits

All messages will be delivered fast and reliably

No traffic via grey routes

Comprehensive mobile network ensures smooth connections

DNA’s 4G network covers over 99.6% of the Finnish population, and our 5G network is expanding rapidly – it already covers 96% of the Finnish population in over 250 localities. DNA constantly monitors the usage and capacity of our mobile network. Based on statistics, we renew the network based on need. This means that we replace the old base stations with new ones at locations where the need for increased speed and capacity is most significant.

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