Equipment Facilities

Co-locations are a working and cost-effective solution for corporations and telecom companies

DNA offers high-quality equipment facility services for operators and corporations, providing connections to Finland, the Nordics and Europe.

DNA provides a wide range of quality premises and solutions nationwide in Finland, from cabinets and antenna spaces to data centres, with different electricity options. In addition, DNA has a great local presence in major cities and regions in Finland.

Equipment Facilities in a nutshell

  • Easy access to the network
  • A complete set of options are available, e.g., rack location, shelf location, cabinets, large cabinets, antenna space, rooftops with desired equipment space
  • Electricity options with different protection services
  • Large Premises, such as data centres, are being surveilled 24/7/365
  • Sites and premises are inspected and maintained regularly


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Customer benefits

Secure and high-quality telecommunication premises

Equipment facilities are connected to DNA’s own high-quality fibre backbone network, with access to Finland, the Nordic and selected major European cities

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