MVNO mobile services provided virtually

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a service that allows engaging in mobile services operator business without needing the company’s own mobile network infrastructure.

The MVNO service makes it possible to produce mobile network services, invoicing and end customer support. DNA offers the service either as a ready concept or as individual service components that complement the client’s own systems. In addition, DNA offers the MVNO service with two available profiles, depending on the MVNO client’s own capabilities in various functions.

MVNO in a nutshell

  • MVNO can be delivered to a high degree as a DNA service, but the client can also use their existing components as a part of the service
  • DNA has defined two different MVNO profiles for clients. In each model, the MVNO client will arrange customer service for its end customers (Level 1 customer service) and the sales of subscriptions and other products to its end customers


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Customer benefits

The service allows the client to offer its customers mobile network products that are typical of telecommunication operators without the need to invest in mobile network infrastructure or network management

Using a company’s own components as a part of the service is possible

Comprehensive mobile network ensures smooth connections

DNA’s 4G network covers over 99.6% of the Finnish population, and our 5G network is expanding rapidly – it already covers 96% of the Finnish population in over 250 localities. DNA constantly monitors the usage and capacity of our mobile network. Based on statistics, we renew the network based on need. This means that we replace the old base stations with new ones at locations where the need for increased speed and capacity is most significant.

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