Ethernet VPN

Reliable and cosf-effective Ethernet VPN connects networks

Ethernet VPN service gives a transparent Ethernet connectivity through DNA's own secure and reliable IP/MPLS backbone network between two or more geographically dispersed locations in Finland.

Ethernet VPN is a network connectivity service based on the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications (E-Line). In addition, E VPN services are based on DNA's own modern IP/MLS backbone throughout Finland and the networks of our trusted partners abroad. Ethernet VPN is a Layer 2 access service.

Ethernet VPN in a nutshell 

  • Transparent Ethernet connectivity through DNA’s own IP/MPLS backbone between two or more geographically dispersed locations in Finland
  • Access types: Ethernet, xDSL, wireless 4G and 5G
  • Capacity up to 10Gbps
  • Management levels: Fully Managed, Hardware Managed and Unbundled
  • Different SLA options available


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Customer benefits

Transparent Ethernet connection for linking up geographically dispersed points both in Finland and abroad

Reliable and cost-effective solution

Online tool for pricing and access information in real-time for DNA’s fixed and wireless services in Finland

Multiple Access (fixed, wireless) technologies are available

Comprehensive mobile network ensures smooth connections

DNA’s 4G network covers over 99,6% of Finnish people, and our 5G network covers over 80% of Finnish people in over 200 localities. DNA constantly monitors the usage and capacity of our mobile network. Based on statistics, we renew the network when needed. This means that we replace the old access points to new ones at locations where the need for increased speed and capacity is most significant.

Related solutions


IP VPN is a solution that combines business locations into a single closed and secure network, enabling connectivity between offices and centrally provided services. The service is available through fixed and wireless 4G and 5G IP networks.


Wholesale Interconnect (NNI) is a service access gateway connection between the Customer’s and/or Partner’s and DNA's network.

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